Join MyBlogGuest Twitter chat!It has always been a very popular question: how do we decide if a site is worth my guest post?

I personally think, that’s a very subjective topic: you have the power to decide for yourself but being educated means making a smarter choice, so here are my own tips.

The important note first:

Google PR, SEOmoz rank and MyBlogGuest “Power” should NOT be the only factor you decide upon: guest posting for new but active (and rapidly growing blogs) is GOLD.

I’ve been building MyBlogGuest via guest posting at both popular and newer sites and I am happy to say that many of our most loyal users have discovered us due to reviews and guest posts on newer sites. It’s easier to stand out and get noticed when you enter a new but already vibrant community.

>>>Every huge site was once a tiny newbie and I am sure they still remember and appreciate their very first contributors!

The Steps:

  • Evaluate siteCheck basic stats: hover over on the site to see its Google PR, MozRank and number of pages indexed in Google. Again, take a quick note but move further.
    • If that site is not on MyBlogGuest, make sure to search [] to see if it’s indexed by Google (NOTE: If the site is not in Google index, it might be banned. We don’t allow those sites to make offers in the gallery)
  • Browse the site to see if there’s any activity on it: comments, tweets, shares.

    social media activity analyzer



    • Check for obvious signs of low-quality dropped / expired domains: absent or poorly-written (“default”) “About” pages.
    • Check for obviously-paid links: Dirty anchor text in the sidebar or footer.
    • Check for unmoderated comments: Good bloggers always moderate and reply to comments.
  • Follow your own “gut” feeling: If the blog theme fresh / unique? Are there only *guest* articles published or is it also maintained by the owner as well? Do you like the content?
  • Check MyBlogGuest history of the user: The blog owner’s user ratings and forum activity as well as his social media profiles.

It was intentional that I kept this list quite short: you don’t need to spend hours on the site trying to figure out if you should guest post there. Just a few exercises as well as your personal opinion would be enough!

*Next Thursday we’ll talk about your actions AFTER your guest post goes live: How to make the most of each live guest article. Join us!*

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Ann Smarty

Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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  1. Jonathan Smith

    Great article. I will use this when deciding to guest post. I am new to your site but I have found some AWESOME great use out of it. This post added to that. Also, wanted to ask if you would be interested in guest posting on my blog? Please let me know.

    Jonathan Smith


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