Today at our weekly chat we discussed how to create expert interviews and how to keep driving interview participants back to your site for more shares and reweets!

expert-interview-shared-01***Please check out the chat summary here

  • Enable “Twitter chat” option when creating your interview at (Our team will invite all the interviewees to the chat and help you promote it as well!). Twitter chats attract followers of your participants, so it will give additional exposure to your article as well as your interviewees as well: win-win!
  • Mark your interview as published at This will:
    • Auto-add your published interview to for more shares
    • Notify all the chat participants of the published interview (and thus encourage it to share it around!)
  • Set up in-line “Tweet this quote” buttons to drive your participating experts back to your site with every reader’s tweet!

Collect expert opinions, publish viral group interviews and get retweeted with @MyBlogU!

Here’s a quick presentation to explain it better:


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