All articles in MyBlogGuest Articles Gallery go through the duplicate content checker a few times: (1) when they first get published to the gallery, (2) then a few times regularly until one of the offers is accepted and the article goes to the future publisher.

This ensures that our users cannot (either accidentally or unknowingly) upload anything to the gallery which is not 100% unique content and we protect our publishers from using non-original content on their blogs (of course mistakes may still happen, so we encourage the publishers to run their own checks as well but we are doing our best!).

Now, these regular checks are a great thing but we keep struggling with one problem: Authors who want to quote! There are times when quotes are a necessary part of the article (think about “XX Smart Motivational Phrases” types of articles for example) and even if we force such an article to the gallery once as an exception, chances are it will still be hidden while one of the regular re-checks.

We tried hard to discourage our authors from quoting: Let’s face it, we don’t know how Google treats quotes that get re-published again and again. It’s hard to tell the machine the difference between quoting and copying (semi-duplicate content)!

However in many cases, the authors claim they really need to quote… So here are a few ideas for you to quote without hitting any duplicate content filters:

1. Create Quotes on an Image

This will also help your article get more offers and go viral after it goes live. Here are some of the ways to do that: Quote Using Text-to-Image Tools (and Go Viral)

To quote on an image, you’ll need to pick one or several of the few mentioned tools or just make a geeky screenshot: in either way that will be a cool original image that will make your article stand out.

Image / photo quotes do well on social media and they will definitely make MyBlogGuest moderators and publishers love you even more, lots of wins! Those photo quotes are also extremely easy to create.

HOW TO: Quote Using Text to Image Tools (and Go Viral)

Here are some of the cool post ideas to utilize the above tip (just use your core term instead of WORD):

  • XX Ways Funny Definitions of WORD (use Urban Dictionary to find and quote definitions)
  • What Cats Think about WORD (find funny cats using Creative Commons and Royalty Free images: Don’t forget to credit the source!)
  • XX Funny Facebook and Twitter Quotes about Word
  • You name it!

2. Embed (Twitter and Quora)


Tweets can be an awesome sources of information: All the news sites and businesses are on Twitter today, so just locate the “official” account and use their tweets. You can use Twitter search for that as well.

To embed, just add a raw (unlinked) URL. Most guest posts get published on WordPress-run sites, so if you just add a raw unlinked URL, it will be converted into the embedded box. Read more here.

Here, I just embed my own tweet:

2. Quora

Quora lets you embed replies you care about and they look pretty cool. With lots of influencers answering questions there, it’s a good source of references (Note: Gallery editor might fail to recognize and keep Quora’s code, so keep it in a note or PM the code to the publisher (or both) once an offer is accepted)

Quora embed

Here’s one nice quote embedded:

Read Quote of Jessy Troy’s answer to Guest Blogging: What are some of the most famous and Traffic oriented Guest Blogging Websites? on Quora

3. Re-phrase and Quote to the Original

This is the most obvious one but it comes as the last one because it seems to be the hardest for our users. If you really need reference someone else’s words, just re-tell what he/she said and invite to read the exact words on the source page (link).

Happy quoting!

See you next week talking about MyBlogGuest labs projects!

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Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

3 Responses to “How to Quote without Hitting Duplicate Content Filter”

  1. Noman Ali

    I have one of Quote site and I don’t think Google hurts quote duplication, although I am using this web for testing but you know what it give me positive feedback in the means of traffic.

  2. Amelia

    What about the blockquote tag? We use that whenever we have to quote something – especially in our news section where it’s sometimes impossible not to quote.
    I understood that the blockquote tag (when used correctly) provides a link to the original source.
    I think it’s a much more open and honest way of saying ‘this is a quote. I got the information from here’… Don’t you think?
    Surely the blockquote tag is the way forward for quoting?
    Though I like the idea of images overlaid with quotes and can see that going viral as you suggested.


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