jan_roundup_2014We are happy to keep this tradition live! The more great guest posts we see published via MyBlogGuest forum the more we believe we are doing the right thing!

We’d like to say thank you to all our authors and publishers, and share some of the recently published guest articles with you:

1. Framing the Florida Keys Sky: Installing Skylights (via keysproperties.com): Robert Landry from thecuttingedgeroofing.com shows us a real dream house: watching the sunrise from your window, sleeping under the stars but in your bed… – isn’t it awesome?

2. How To Import The Best Products From China (over at globial.com): Nowadays probably there’s not a thing that you can’t find in China. And if earlier the quality of their products considered to be not so high, today the tendency has drastically changed. So that to find what you want, you just need to know how to search. With the help of Keith Barrett from egopay.com that will be pretty easy for you.

3. How Any Charity Can Stand Out From The Crowd (via winnercitykids.org):
Simon Barnett of disabilitysanctuary.com is ready to share his hints and tips with you which will help you to make your charity campaign unique, and open people’s hearts and wallets.

4. How Language Learning Can Improve Your Career (via classbakesale.com): And not any doubt that it can! Our community is the best proof for that 🙂 Gabriele of thelanguageclass.co.uk has more details.

5. Four Must-Have Antivirus Programs For The PC Gamer (over at techslate.net): Eternal problem for gamers it seems to be… Nicole Malczan from esosorcerer.com is ready to take away that headache from you, as she has the solution.

6. Eat Your Way To Healthy Looking Skin (via lowfatchick.com): Linda Firth from lovemyvouchers.co.uk made a list of just eight products which will help your skin to stay young and radiant. By the way, lowfatchick.com is one of our latest featured blogs.

7. Did Your Smile Survive The Holidays? (via articlesalley.com): Hopefully you are safe and sound after these long lasting holidays, but just in case you need any help Dr.Jeffrey Pass of southfloridadentalcare.com is here to help with a piece of advice.

8. Ditch Your Car And Visit These Pedestrian Friendly Cities Across The US (over at autoinsuresavings.org): Top-notch list of destinations from Eduardo Dieguez of linearautomotive.com. It will definitely set you in a travel mood.

9. Simple Pork Chop Recipes (over at in-our-kitchen.com): Four delicious dinner ideas from Kendra Smith!

10. 4 Most Scandalous Items Of The 1920s (via blackvelvetseductions.com): Who could think those days that a century later these things would become so common for us! Amazing post by Victoria Ramos from skinzwear.com.

11. SEO Consulting Services (via jeffshjarback.com): Brenton Squires of rankexecutives.com reveals a few insider tips which will help you to be a few steps ahead of your competitors.

12. Will Pension Insurance Help To Boost Investment Markets (over at tradestock.net): Feeling safe is perhaps one of the most essential human needs. James Allen of dealmarket.com explains how you may protect and insure your savings so that to feel confident.

13. Top YouTube Channels Of 2013 (over at thebigbuzzblog.com): It’s been a month already since we bid farewell to 2013, but still there are some milestones worth to be mentioned. Robert Davis of techeden.net got ready this list of the most popular and interesting YouTube channels of 2013.

14. Are You Crazy? Cool, You Have A Good Future In SEO (via dailyseotip.com): Amazing and creative piece by Julia Fayre from globus.ae, which can easily make your day and help in crafting a new and successful strategy.

15. Potato Kababs With Avocado Nuggets Stuffings (over at vegetarianmeals.org): If you think that being a vegetarian is dull, boring and simply not tasty, just be sure that Linda Rosario from chefneeds.com will easily prove you wrong with this yummy treat.

16. Saving With Broadband And Phone Packages (via amenitybroadband.com): Our own Phil Turner is not just a content marketing expert, with the help of uswitch.com he may advise how to find the best deal and save money at the same time.

17. Best Organic Makeup Brands For Cosplay And Comic Cons (via southeastgreen.com): Natural and organics cosmetic may also be bright and help you in creating an absolutely astonishing look, no matter if you need an everyday or special occasion makeup. Choose wise from the lines selected by Cristine Brillan.

18. The Early Life Of Stephen Hawking (via dofollownet.com): “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”, – said Stephen Hawking and became the best live evidence of that.

19. Michael J Fox Opens Up About Alcoholism (over at celebsfan.blogspot.com): It’s always extremely difficult to admit that you are addicted to something. But these five guys managed not just win that battle, but also found courage to speak out loud about it. John Lloyd of seasonsmalibu.com knows more.

20. Signs You Should Dump Your Partner (via pleasurehertonight.com): Illustrated guidelines by Irma from oneplusone.org.uk will help you in taking this difficult decision.

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