Join MyBlogGuest Twitter chat!We have had another great chat today! First, two major announcements:

  1. We are introducing Guest Post Promotion Thursdays! Each last Thursday of the month we’ll feature best guest posts from MBG during our chats. This means: Next week we’ll discuss our users’ guest posts and help get exposure to them! You can apply for your guest post to be included (written or hosted) in HELP forum.
  2. Our spring contest is ON! Create a Video Screencast (Tutorial) – Win $1000!

Now, to the main topic of the chat: self-linking! The full transcript can be found here.

Tips for Blog Owners

Read this post on how to treat self-links in your guest posts (scroll to POLICIES):

Here’s what I see many bloggers do (and try to implement as well) in terms of controlling what their guest bloggers link to:

*** Links to the author’s projects should be in the by-line. [This way it’s clear these are author’s links]

*** Linking from within the post content: As a rule, I ask my guest bloggers to refrain from linking to their properties in the post body unless:

  • The link is tightly relevant (or the author can’t do without it): like links to the mentioned events, conferences, etc;
  • The link does NOT point to the home page but to the relevant post or article (which elaborates further on the mentioned phenomenon or tactic). Links from content to content (NOT to landing or home pages), I believe, add quality to the guest post and let readers learn more about what has mentioned.

*** Number of links: the general rule of thumb (I myself try to follow) is to let guest authors limit external link to 2 in the by-line [excluding social media profiles like author’s Twitter, G+ page, etc].

*** Anchor text: You may adopt Daniel’s rule and accept non-anchor text links in by-lines only. This way you will save the trouble explaining your guest author why his “loan consolidation” link is not appreciated on your blog. Or you may go less extreme and only remove keyword-based anchors from the non-relevant links (because those can really hurt your blog reputation.)

Tips for Guest Authors

We want our guest authors to be open and polite: because that’s how relations are built!

Also please read this one: focus on long-term assets instead of one quick link!

Those who think guest posting is done for link-building—and measure the guest posting campaign by the number of links—completely don’t get it. There’s so much more to it, which you’ll miss if you focus on links. In fact, I’ve been discouraging guest bloggers from thinking about links overall: just stop building links while guest blogging. Period. Focus on other benefits of guest blogging.

The most important benefit of guest blogging is building influence. It’s a long-term asset which is almost impossible to measure, but is absolutely priceless.

As well as this one:

Think about it: one guest post brings you one or two links (three if you are greedy), while good blogging contacts put your link building on auto-pilot. Bloggers start citing you, including in link round-ups, covering your news, helping you with getting the word out!

The rules:

  • No more than 2 self-serving links pls, (again, not to count social media profile links);
  • Links should be natural and relevant (if they seem forced, better go with brand name as the anchor text);
  • We like BYLINE links because that’s universal (all blogs accept them unlike in-body links). Another reason: BYLINE links are public in the Gallery (so publishers see what they are offering for) #myblogguest
  • Byline links should still be natural and useful (show the human being behind your content) #myblogguest

Consider claiming your authorship of the guest articles by linking to your G+ profiles (this will build your brand and secure from Google algorithm updates). Here are a few tips.

Quotes of the Day!

From our members:

  • Be honest and courteous, and don’t spam, and you’ll hardly even know MBG rules exist (via @erocketSEO)
  • As a blogger, I prefer ongoing relationships with handful of key people rather than shotgun blast. (via @MissionLaunch)
  • Making bylines original/humorous/memorable will help readers remember you as an individual writer (via @MalpassSaul)
  • MyBlogGuest is the perfect mix of rules, tools, alerts and courtesy IMHO. We get to publish our great content on great sites. (via @erocketSEO)
  • Guest blogging should be mutually beneficial so relevant content for the site should come before link stuffing (via @BirdandCo)

Other points we have touched upon:

  • Guest blogging outsourcing is fine when done right (the business should be actively involved in the guest blogging process). See who is doing that right
  • There’s a rumor that Google starts devaluing byline links -> that’s still a rumor, but you’d better make your bylines unique from article to article to be safe!
  • It’s still a reciprocal link when you link back to your guest post but you’d better share your guest posts on your blog to increase the exposure!
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