Join MyBlogGuest Twitter chat!This week on #myblogguest Twitter chat we were talking about links again: no matter how much we try, links will remain an important outcome of guest blogging, so we have to talk a lot about them

Today we are talking about guest blogging and link terminology we are using at

LINK TYPE #1 -> Self-serving vs natural

  • Self-serving link points to the author’s site. It can be used ONCE per a guest article
  • Natural link points to any natural and useful resource, page worth mentioning. Feel free to use as many natural links as you see fit.

=> An article with lots of great natural links looks more natural than an article with just one self-serving link


Self-serving links include links to the author’s site (+internal pages) as well author’s social media profiles. Authors are allowed (and even encouraged) to link to their social profiles (this shows the human being behind the article).

LINK TYPE #2 -> Keyword-Based vs Name-Based

  • Keyword-based: the visible part of the link is a keyword or a key phrase
  • Name-based: the visible part of the link is or the name;

We moderate keyword-based links more carefully because they are normally used to manipulate Google’s rankings and can thus result in a red flag (or even ban).

There are other non-keyword-based links (e.g. “click here”) that fall under “name-based”: they have no keywords so are less suspicious.

LINK TYPE #3 -> Relevant vs Irrelevant

These might be subjective but in most cases, quite obvious.

Irrelevant links are NOT allowed in a guest post (when in doubt, use name-based link).

LINK TYPE #4 -> Byline Link vs in-Content Link

  • Byline link appears in “about author” part;
  • In-content link appears in the content of the article.

In-content link should make PERFECT sense (a good example of such a link). You are not allowed to drop keyword-based links in content without making them flow naturally (this looks too salesy and you can be suspected of link buying)

Tips: In-content link can be a citation source, reference, tool, etc (anything that makes sense in that specific context).

Next week we are talking about MyBlogGuest FREE features and best way to use them to find great homes for your guest articles!

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