This week we keep talking on how we are going to move on 🙂 We realize how important the situation is for our current members! And we appreciate those who keep supporting us no matter what! Thank you all!

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First, let’s see how your profiles are now protected within #myblogguest

  • We have blocked Google from accessing our site through Robots.txt. Here’s a good discussion about that 🙂
  • We have hidden user sites listed on their profiles, so no human reviewer can access that data. Note: If anyone registers, they can still see your sites in the forum sigs or forum threads but that’s harder to scrape / collect

Now, #myblogguest nofollow policy:

We have introduced NF label, so you can alert your future guest that you’ll nofollow byline links. We ask you nicely to keep resource links in the body follow but if you are not, please alert the guest about that. Let’s remain a friendly community where everyone is informed.

How to find your past guest posts within #myblogguest

  • If you are a publisher, please go Articles Gallery -> Articles Given to me (same for infographics and eBooks)
  • If you are an author, please go My Articles -> Published/Completed. This list is searchable and you can also export any search results or the whole list as an CSV file.

Some of the notable press about us from the past week:

Google Takes Action Against Guest Blogging by @lynnterry

.@lynnterry is one of our oldest friends who we lost contact with for a couple of years. She came back to support us which means so much!

Favorite quote: “I do wish Google were more of an asset to the community (versus taking on the persona of a bully), but they get to choose how they position their brand in the market…”

And one more: “Pretend like your site has already been penalized or de-indexed by Google. Stop for a moment and ask yourself what you would do to continue running a thriving online business. Now… go do that 😉

Guest Blogging And The Politics of Google by @tomshark Favorite quote: “…if you still have the opinion that Google is all good you’re a tiny bit naive to not acknowledge that Google is very much involved in public relations designed to win the public’s love and trust and to push their agenda on webmasters and marketers

An interview with me: Marketing Stars Series: An Interview With Ann Smarty by @deanna_ayres It’s a bit more personal than I usually do online, but it gives a good overview of what happened and my reaction


We highly recommend using this WordPress Plugin: I don’t endorse GoogleI don’t endorse Google by @andreapernici. It allows you to easily insert a rel=”nofollow” going to all Google websites.

We are also proud holders of this beautiful badge We have had our voice heard! We are rockstars, thanks to you, our community! Let’s rock on!

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