We love guest blogging contests at MyBlogGuest because they allow us to get even more exposure, have fun and even earn money. Therefore we eagerly support so many guest posting contests around the Web.

But this one is different – because it has a well-cut focus: personal finance. Check out the details here:

>>> “The CCC PF Guest Blogging Extravaganza” – the first ever Personal Finance Guest Blogging Contest <<<

Besides the obvious benefits (cash prizes and links), join the contest to enjoy:

(!) The thrill of being part of an exciting event.
(!) The exceptional publicity that will come with such a widely promoted event.
(!) The chance to share your knowledge or your opinions.

The contest organizers:

cc licensed flickr photo shared by eikosi

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3 Responses to “Personal Finance Guest Blogging Contest – Supported by MyBlogGuest”

  1. ileane

    Hi Ann, I heard about this contest from David and I'm seriously thinking about tossing my hat into the ring and doing a guest post about personal finance. I'm happy to see that you and Hesham are sponsors. Thank you!

  2. web design la

    Pleased to read this post. No doubt why not guest writers love you. They fulfill their expectations from your this contest. I think Personal Finance is the turning point in this contest. Thanks for the nice sharing.


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