January was a busy month: we launched our very first guest hosting contest (which is now finished), planned out the new feature called “Infographics Gallery” and had to fight constant server issues (which are now seemed to be solved).

Well, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and we do feel stronger now as a solid growing community.

We are making a difference and we are proud of that – and the following guest posts which have been placed through our platform only prove that!

travel1. Tips for a Great Road Trip (over at hobbiesonabudget.com): properly planned trip can save you money and still be enjoying; idea by George Peterson of channelvoyager.com

travel2. Great Places to See and Visit in Connecticut (over at travelfire.blogspot.com): seems like travelling is popular all year around; even if you are not going to travel in winter it could be a great time for planning – guest article by Susan Fischer of stamfordplazahotel.com

technology3. Browser Wars (via idaconcpts.com): this infographic was posted not via our Gallery but still could be interesting; created by reflex.co.uk

technology4. Amazon Kindle: Overlooked as a Tablet (via ismagazine.com): can hardly be described in short but is well compared in a post by Jenny Hood of findphonenumbers.co.uk

business5. The Basics that a Bank Account Should Have (over at fastswings.com): features that make it more convenient to use by Simon Grant of ulsterbank.co.uk

technology6. The Power of Random Surfing (over at nowsell.com): have you been thinking of adding a random search option for your site? Jeet of getlinkspro.com knows more on this matter.

business7. SEO Skills Required to Become a Search Engine Optimizer (via paktelecom.net): there’s always a set of skills necessary for a real professional; this list was made by beingblogger.net member.

technology8. Five Tips on Investing for Income (via bad-credit-remortgages.com): if you are ready for making investments but are not quite sure how to do it in a better way you should read more about the opportunities and tips like these by John Hughes of bestbonds.co.uk

green9. Cool and Heat Your Home Efficiently (via indoorenergy.com): could be quite interesting and useful as we all tend to be greener these days (no reason to explain why) like guys from coolbreezeas.com

technology10. The Only Thing You Need to Know About Link-Building (over at opportunitiesplanet.com): you can never know too much about link-building, but it’s important not to miss the major things; guest post by Tyler Moore of docraptor.com

pet11. Do It Yourself: Homemade Dog Treats (via in-our-kitchen.com): isn’t it nice to make something tasty for your lovely dog? It would be even better if you do it following a professional advice like those Dr. Susan Wright of dogbarkcollar.com gave in her guest article.

technology12. 5 Common Mistakes That Drag Your Search Engine Rankings Down (via homebiz.bukiki.com): all of them listed and explained by Suzzane Edwards of cashforgoldusa.com

pet13. Hiking: A Great Outdoor Activity For You And Your Dog (via atozdogbreed.com): people who adore their pets like Kimberly Smith of petsperfect.co.uk prove that you can enjoy any activity you like without leaving your lovely dog at home.

technology14. Turn “Likes” Into Love: Using Social Media to Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business (over at link-assistant.com): social networks became a part of most online businesses today; this post by Christian Willis of clickbooth.com is on how to make it even more successful with the help of Facebook ‘Likes’.

entertainment15. Top 5 Reasons Retro Gaming Was Better (over at inmotiongaming.com): not sure if I know much about computer games, but Stuart Kerr does know enough to compare them through times.

technology16. How to Avoid Meeting the Inheritance Tax Threshold (via 2008taxes.org): several practical approaches to taxes listed by Simon Grant of access-legal.co.uk

technology17. The Gap Between Social Media and Real Life (via ramblingsofawahm.com): thank you Allie for mentioning our contest and Frank of links.visibli.com for writing this post – social media related articles are of high popularity these days.

technology18. Bridging the Pension Gap: Forecast to Achieve a Richer Retirement (over at financeshoppers.com): financial advice by Joseph Akintaju of bestbonds.co.uk on how to be well prepared for retirement.

technology19. Building An Outer Banks Home to Maintain Its Worth (over at obxmasterbuilders.com): options and opportunities listed by Ben Fisher of parkcityluxuryrealestate.com

lifestyle20. Successful Vipassana Meditation (via tastekulcha.com): it’s quite serious and not that easy as it may seem at first; more by Richard of shaktipat-meditation.org

technology21. How to Select a Flash CMS Template (via blitalk.com): key features and advantages of better templates by Damian Davila of idaconcpts.com

lifestyle22. Coupon Codes a New Way to Shop Online (over at socialvani.com): shopping online could be fun and easy with coupons; Eric Filter of mydiscountvouchercodes.co.uk knows how to use them.

family23. Take the Pain Out of Writing Wedding Thank You Notes (over at newlywedsurvival.com): Bridget Mora of silverlandjewelry.com assures that proper wedding planning can help you successfully go through all wedding and after wedding etiquette.

technology24. Financial Benefits Of Installing Wooden Shutters (via ashevillewindowblinds.com): Jack Oldham of shutters-direct.co.uk advises on how to save some money while adding more financial value to your house.

technology25. 6 Ways to Save Your Cash (via beibeslife.com): obviously after holidays more people started thinking of saving money ways; some more ideas by Jill Frees of boatinsurance.org

entertainment26. My Scars, a Poem (via freethewriterinside.com): couldn’t miss this one, as it’s really a poem posted by guest author Jason Greiner

health27. Healthy Eating Action Plan (over at weightlossdietforum.com): to feel healthier make a plan of what you eat like Shannon Kaiser of tendercaredental.net does.

lifestyle28. Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women (over at singleonlinedating.org): Gaylord Buhrman of ekgtechniciantraining.net knows that a thoughtful gift is far more important than a thoughtless and expensive gift.

lifestyle29. 9 Things That Happy People Do Regularly (via dangerouslee.biz): I guess it’s about 9 more reason for you to be happy by Kari of manifestconnection.com

business30. 9 Sites That Are Excellent for Finding Quality Freelancing Jobs (via workathomefiles.com): Randall Davidson of proofreadingservices.us has a great experience in working with freelancers and knows where they can find some more working opportunities online.

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Jonas in China

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