August was quick and fantastic with many of us getting some rest and going on vacation. It is hard to believe there’s one whole year of work ahead!

Now, no matter how many of us managed to have a rest, our guest blogging process never stopped. So here are a few guest articles that our most talented members managed to write and publish this past month.


food1. Cold Cherry Soup (over at great fruit soup recipe by Tanya Davis of for a hot summer day meal or for any season as canned cherries can also be used here.

lifestyle2. Black Dresses Suitable For Any Occasion (over at Brooke of as any other real lady knows that even a single black dress could be a biggest part of the whole wardrobe.

lifestyle3. Top Ski Runs in Morzine (on guest post by Jonathan would be interesting for those who plan their winter vacation far in advance. It’s about time to choose a ski resort.

food4. Coffee Grounds Fertilize Tomatoes!! (on Can you believe this? Well, Jessy of knows it for sure. It’s a good news for tomato and coffee lovers.

business5. The Way to Your Customer’s Heart (over at Adam Conner of is not only a guest writer, he is also a marketing expert. So, he has a lot to share with the readers who own a small business and want to develop better relation with their customers.

technology6. Auto Insurance Savings for College Students (over at another post by our well-reputable member Jessica Bosari of about the importance of asking the right questions to get a better quote.

lifestyle7. What Needs to be Packed for Your Backpacking Trip (on a list of things to take with you from a travel expert Zac of It’s always better to take care of it in advance to make sure you completely enjoy your trip.

family8. Top 3 Disney Cars Toys for Your Toddler (on Amy of knows that most kids dream of having/driving a car – a toy car of course. She also knows why as a parent should give your choice for a Disney car.

technology9. Keeping Track of the Fine Print with Contract Management Software (over at a guest post by Damian Davila of on software issue that could be so useful for successful managment of your contracts. Technoligy is really helfup – it allows us not to keep everything in mind.

lifestyle10.Top 10 Fashion Designers of 2011 (over at news names and those already well-know in fashion industry by

technology11. Your Blog – How to Make Search Engines Love It (on what every blog owners needs to know as all of us more or less care about it. Guest post by Kirsty LaVier of

health12. Green Tea is More Than Just a Thirst Quencher (on Tom of discovers useful properties of green tea that can be used for example as a part of acne treatment therapy.

technology13. Contract Management Success: A Flexible Contract Management Solution (over at business environment is often based on dealing with people – some ideas for successful contract management by Damian Davila of

technology14. 8 Tips for Effective House-Hunting (over at choosing a place for living is one of the most important things in our life. Some tips from Mark Doyle of to help you find a home you would love to come back to.

green15. 3 Cool DIY Ideas to Turn Trash into Garden Gold (on imagination and real care about the future of our planet can create fun and beneficial things for your home and garden. These are from Jessy Troy of DIY gadgets.

technology16. Guest Posting – A Better Alternative to Article Marketing? (on a point of view on guest posting by an experienced guest blogger (please don’t take it as spam) Michael Scottsdale of

technology17. How Will Google Plus Impact the SEO of Your Website? (over at thoughtful article about the Big G and its plus by Chris Burns of

entertainment18. Manchester Riots – The Police and Social Media (on could you ever think of the Internet social media as of an instrument being used by the police? A real story by Stacey Cavanagh of

lifestyle19. Superhero Costume Ideas (on being a superhero is not an easy task to do. Jill Ballantine of knows that kids adore these movie characters, and will certainly enjoy a costume party no matter for what occasion it’s organized.

family20.Where to Take The Kids This Summer (over at options for family summer holidays and best places to go with your kids by Jason Casey of

lifestyle21. Top 10 Vacation Destinations for Art Lovers (on a post with amazing pictures on something you should see with your owns eyes by Heather Johnson of

health22. Extreme Races: Tackling The Tough Guy (on an article about a different way of run trainings by Rob Jones of

food23. Sweet Escape: Discovering the Best Belgian Chocolate in Brussels (over at chocolate is a great way to women’s hearts, especially if leads through Brussels. More with Jim Dean of

technology24. Facebook Messenger App for Android Review (over at a fresh look at this new product that makes your Facebook organization easier by Sierra Greenman of

green25.How to Make Your Own Solar Panels (on today you can hardly surprise anybody by having your own solar panel at home. With simple instructions by Bailey Harris of it’s seems quite easy to make them yourself.

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  1. Thomas

    I am going to make this list somehow someway. Its been a slow start but as I learn the ropes people will be all over my content…..I hope 🙂

  2. blinds

    I had no idea that the trash could be turned into garden gold, really amazing those 3 ideas listed above in this direction!


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