blogging contestIt’s time for our easiest blogging contest ever! All you need to do is to publish guest posts from our Gallery to win $1000 and lots of other cool prizes!

Update! To follow our contest submissions, monitor #MBGcontest hashtag!

So here’s how to participate:

  1. Offer your blog for the articles in the Articles Gallery
  2. Publish them and share around in social media;
  3. Post the article URL in this thread as well as the username of the author.

You can nominate as many guest articles as you want (this will increase your chances to win).

How the winners will be selected:

The grand winner will receive $1000 of cash.

We will evaluate:

  • The social media sharing activity (based on your blog buttons);
  • The comments (publishers and authors are highly encouraged to comment and reply to comments);
  • How the author is treated and promoted (don’t forget that our authors seek exposure!)

There are no losers actually!

This contest is unique: you are not losing anything. You get free content and free traffic AND in addition a chance to win cash to boost your summer holidays.


  • All the guest articles should be from the Articles Gallery;
  • The contest will end August, 10

Are there any requirements to join?


  • Your blog home page must have Google PR of 2 (at least)
  • You need Twitter and Facebook count buttons installed at the post level
  • You need to have comment option available (with no registration required)

What you are allowed to do:

  • Feel free to use our Help Needed forum to promote your guest post (and help promote other guest posts as well of course: don’t expect to get without giving!)
  • Feel free to let the author of the guest post know that you are participating in the contest and ask to help

What you are NOT allowed to do:

  • Buy social media votes (trust me, this is very easy to tell when the Tweets, Likes or Comments are paid for. Your money will be wasted: we’ll exclude you from the contest if you try to fake it)
  • Promise anyone to share the prize in case you win (Trust me, we’ll find out!)
  • Change the publication date of your current post for it to qualify (we have plenty of tools to tell when the post was actually published for the first time)

Get involved!

Invite your friends to the contest -> increase your chances to win.

Here are some banners for you to use to sread the word:

blogging contest

<a href=""><img src="" alt="blogging contest"></a>

blogging contest

<a href=""><img src="" alt="blogging contest"></a>

blogging contest

<a href=""><img src="" alt="blogging contest"></a>
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