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Our guest blogging community is growing very fast, so does the family of our moderators and administrators.

Today’s round-up is from our newest admin: Sana Knightly. You are going to hear more and more from her soon.

Right now she is getting familiar with our platform and our members – so please welcome her aboard!

Now, get inspired by seeing what our members are doing!

food1. Eat To Erase Your Wrinkles (over at Latest Girls): Joanna Vargas of Joanna Vargas Blog gives us a list of tasty things to save skin from aging.

family2. How To Green Spring: an Eco-Friendly Easter (over at Tiny Green Mom): Jennifer Tescione of Favor Ideas brought the readers some bright and eco-friendly ideas for such a great family holiday as Easter.

business3. Understanding The Clients: Are They Worth Your Time? (over at Link-Assistant.Com Blog) Warner Carter of SEO Reseller advices on types of clients you have to deal with and if they are worth your precious time.

technology4. Is the Username Dying? (over at Gizmos for Geeks): several reasons by Josh Mackey of PeekYou why people hide their identity behind user names.

technology5. Excel: A Writer’s Best Friend (over at Excuse Editor): Sylvia Rosen of shares some tips how use Excel to be a more organized writer.

technology6. Can You Really Make 5 Figures a Month with Google’s Adsense Program? (over at WebMaster View): Neil Jones of offers his ideas on earning money online.

food7. The Best Organic Version of Your Favorite Comfort Food (over at Food Classics): Karen Lawes of researches the food market on what you can eat that you are usually afraid of but like so much.

technology8. Using Facebook and Twitter for Marketing (over at Opportunities Planet): thanks to Claire Jarrett we keep discovering more and more about social networks and their role for successful marketing.

technology9. 4 SEO Myths You Should Never Believe (over at WorkAtHomeFiles) it’s hard to disagree with Kirsty LaVier of Shopping Cart Reviews no matter how convincing these myths are.

technology10. What you should know about Google Canonicalisation Issues (over at WebTrafficRoi): though we are not for link-building here Jean Lam of offers a number of useful points in order not to confuse Google leading back to your site.

health11. How to Treat Rosacea Effectively (over at Acne-Rosacea Treatment): it’s not what people really like talking about, but always look to read for having such a problem. Thanks Philip of Spartanburg Dermatology for this post.

health12. Natural Summer Skin Solutions (over at Best Sunless Tanning Lotion): what we need in summer is special protection for our skin due to the Sun that shines so bright and differences in our seasons activities and way of life. Point of view by Justina Clemmons

food13. Top 5 Summer Coffee Blends (over at EspressoDeco): what could be better than a cup of coffee? Only coffee blends by Diane Johnson. And it’s again about the summer which is coming so soon.

food14. Make At Home Indian Sweets For The Sweet Tooth (over at Food Classics): it’s usually hard to remember how they are called, but so easy that they are delicious – indian sweets by Aishwarya Vohra.

green15. Freshwater Shortages: Humanity’s Greatest Threat (over at Meg Appleby): we thank Ellen Bell for contribution to MyBlogGuest activity and for reminding us about most important natural resource for life on this planet.

technology16. 3 Things To Consider Before You Blog (over at another post by Latief mentioning goal, time, and experience, and their importance for successful blogging.

technology17. Keeping Your Identity Safe on Facebook (over at VirtuosiMedia): to save you personal information on Facebook from the wrong hands follow several simple though effective step by Phillip.

family18. Tips for Training Your Puppy (over at start training your puppy with Sam and to bring-up a smart and obedient four-footed friend that will definitely bring joy to your family.

food19. 7 Tips To Reduce The Caffeine In Your Green Tea (over at Green Tea Metabolism): Richard G. Hamilton of gives a scientific point of view on 7 lucky ways to make green tea even more useful than it could be.

lifestyle20. Top 5 beaches for Sea Turtle Watching (over at Travel Tweaks): if you are interested and planning your summer vacation than it’s about time to pack your bags and buy tickets with Nadine Hallak.

green21. ECO-Friendly Baby Shower Ideas (over at Baby Shower Decoration Ideas): so often parents need some fresh ideas on how to combine upbringing and eco-friendly approach. Here are some from Kieron Casey.

food22. Tasty Diner Food for Diabetics (over at American Diabetic Diet): it’s not about the foods, it’s more about health issues that are so important for diabetics by Jenny Scott.

health23. The Likelihood Of Survival At Different Stages Of Lung Cancer (over at Health Votes): cancer is one of the most ‘popular’ diseases today. Unfortunately so many people cause it by themselves. Health Facts talk about their chances to survive.

technology24. How Keyword Research Can Make or Break Your Business (over at Link Assistant Blog): however odd it may sound, keyword research treated improperly could be even harmful for your business, so be aware of it with Paul of EarningMoneyOnline.

technology25. How To Generate Income By Giving Away Your Knowledge And Products (over at TechLunatic): this is the approach that MyBlogGuest Team completely shares with Adam W. Warner of wpprobusiness. And we are not afraid of giving away!

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  1. Sana Knightly

    Ann thank you for such a warm welcome to MyBlogGuest community. I'm really happy to be a part of it. And I'm sure we are doing the right thing here )))

  2. Latief

    Thanks for sharing my guest post Ann. By the way, I get few articles from the article gallery but I need their picture for the author bio but no one send me the picture or even reply my email 🙁

  3. Gerry

    Recently joined MBG and must say looks very promising they seem to be building a great community. Do hope it succeeds. Added my first article yesterday and this morning have two offers pending to guest post it.
    Definitely, worth looking at this community if your in to building relationships and guest blogging.

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