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Please welcome guest posts published back in December 2013. Sharing them is a great and easy way to get some new connections 😉

1. Italy (over at voya.ge): One of the key ingredients of happiness is exploring something new, whether it will be going to a new place where you have never been, learning a foreign language, meeting new people, eating something delicious or.. shopping? 🙂 Gabriele knows where to get these all at once, and the answer is – Italy, for sure! Great start for a new year (and don’t forget to take “Eat, Pray, Love” with you, anyway you will need a good reading on the way).

2. Who Said Teeth Are Boring? (via health-host.co.uk): Always vital subject. But this article by Dr. Jeffrey Pass of southfloridadentalcare.com proves that revolutions may really happen “under your nose”.

3. Turn Your Friends Green With Envy: Great Ideas For Eco-Friendly Entertaining (via southeastgreen.com): Awesome and creative reading. Dick Nelson from marcopromotionalproducts.com is sharing green love with you, and we are doing our best and sharing his greta content.

4. Is Your Business’s Website Mobile Friendly? (over at fitcom.co): How often does it happen to you, that being on the way you need to look up some info, you grab your smartphone or tablet, find the website you need and… damn it… it appears to be absolutely impossible to understand anything, as the site which looks so cute when being opened on your dashboard somehow opens absolutely weird (if not to say more) on your mobile… Are you sure that your site is not one of the kind? By the way, Kirill Bensonoff from computersupport.com is ready to be of help in this case.

5. 4 SEO Opportunities Arising From Google’s Hummingbird (via noobpreneur.com): Every change always brings new opportunities. I guess that was the main point by Nolan Kido of argonmarketing.com.

6. 4 Steps For Analyzing And Improving Conversion Rates (over at jeffshjarback.com): Issa Asad knows how to convert your website’s traffic into business. You’ll be surprised that it’s far easier than you might have thought.

7. 5 Environmentally Friendly Hybrids That Put Safety First (over at autoinsuresavings.org): At last when owing a hybrid car you may remind that it’s namely a car, not just hybrid, and start enjoying driving 😉 Molly Pearce of houston-accidentattorney.com compiled a great list, so you have what to choose from.

8. Str-app-ed For Cash: 5 Apps To Experience London For Less (over at blog.pre-pay-as-you-go.co.uk): Matt of hotelclub.com is right: visiting London is an absolute must, besides he knows how you may save a bit when visiting this fabulous but expensive city.

9. From France To Switzerland And Back In A Day (via tourism-alliance.com): Tomås Sitziema of mountainspaces.com knows how to make your friends envy your winter holidays. No bragging – check it up!

10. 5 Social Media Tips For Your Small Business (over at summitsocialmedia.com): And who knows, maybe it will become not that small when you use them, thanks to Simon Dunant of newrisedigital.com.

11. Are Your Kids Addicted To Social Media? (via marketingchris.com): We have new generation today – social media kids. And Jenna Leigh of mobile-spy.com in her article proves that it’s rather scary than funny. Find out more details!

12. 10 Christmas Competitions For Motorists (over at motor-heads.co.uk): No matter that Christmas passed already, some competitions are still running! We join Arvid Linde from creditplus.co.uk and wishing you good luck in winning.

13. Take Credit for Being More Social (over at sexysocialmedia.com): Social networks are steadily turning from being just some internet phenomena to its essence. Today you can do everything there already: read news, do business, play games, talk with friends and now even get a credit! Angie Mansfield of mint.com knows more.

14. Why I am not losing weight? (via chickandfit.com): Kind of eternal question you may say… Guys from nordbariatric.com made a detailed infographic for you with all possible reasons and probable answers. By the way, were you also cheating on your diet during these holidays? 😉

15. Never Get Diabetes (over at diabeticdietsnews.com): Another great infographic this time provided by Elliot Noteware of aboutgarciniacambogia.com for the sake of your health.

16. Ideas And Tips For Using Wine In Cooking (over at vegetarianmeals.org): Yammie tips and recipes from Emma of vintagewinegifts.co.uk for you to enjoy, no matter you will cook or eat it.

17. Secrets On How Moms Can Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle (via fitnessgirls.org): You won’t even notice how these simple secrets from Debra Wright of ptdirect.com.au will change your lifestyle for the better.

18. 5 Urban Style Icons To Look Up To (via celebsfan.blogspot.com): Looking for some inspiration? Then check this list by Doris from j-bees.co.uk and maybe someone will catch your eye.

19. 5 Unexpected Locations For Luxury Vacations (over at ukraine-vacation-guide.com): Recently I’ve come across an absolutely amazing and unusual thing – a scratch map – have you seen it? It seems to be a usual map but covered with a special foil for you to mark the countries where you’ve been by scratching it off. So, the more you travel, the brighter your world becomes. Annie Wallace from dobovo.com advises 5 more destinations for you to scratch off 😉

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