I don’t know why but when I write or just think about guest blogging not intentionally I compare it with some off-line things, activities, etc. Well, at least in many cases.

This time my choice was made for snowballs.
The idea is the following: It you take a cupped hand of snow it won’t go far from you nor will it reach one of your objects. Well, it might cover you with a snow dust though.

But if you make your snowball properly, it will have a lot more chances to reach the target.
And now how I associate it with guest blogging? The better your guest post is (the higher quality content it provides and the more thoroughly targeted you make it), the more chance you have to achieve your goals.

So, thank you all for throwing your ‘snowballs’ away with MyBlogGuest in December, 2011 and enjoy!

technology1. Top 5 Places to Find Inspiration for Blog Posts (via OpportunitiesPlanet.com): great article by Stacie Grissom of scarves.net on ideas for people who blog a lot and need some additional sources of inspiration – not surprisingly some of the most popular social networks are among them.

business2. Make Sure Your Business Documents Are Secure (via noobpreneur.com): several useful tips for business people to feel safe about their documentation from ademero.com team.

health3. Are the Elliptical Machines Bad for Your Knees? (over at wellnesssultana.blogspot.com): if you have doubts choosing a trainer for your home due some peculiarities of your knees then experienced opinion by K. M. Morgan of ellipticalmachines.net might help.

technology4. Four iPhone Apps for DJ’s (over at globalgoodgroup.com): iPhone apps are used in all spheres of our life today, this is a selection for those who can’t live without iPhones and music by Damian Davila of idaconcpts.com

technology5. Content Promotion Strategies Before Doing SEO (via homebiz.bukiki.com): 5 effective steps by Crystal J. Briscoe of selftestengine.com to prepare a powerful SEO campaign.

entertainment6. Top 10 Jackie Chan Movies (via people.bukiki.com): Samet Bilir of azframes.com is obviously a fan of that great and one of the most entertaining actors of several generations… How old is he? Is going to grow old ever?

technology7. What is the Social Value of Your Blog? (over at webtrafficroi.com): this guest post by Jeff Gross of arvernebythesea.com is based on the point of view of social networks and social media tools that all bloggers should be aware of.

lifestyle8. Bird Watching in Australia (over at tastekulcha.com): Samet Bilir of naiwtx.org that you should be well equipped to make this process exciting and unforgettable.

technology9. How To Set Up a Google+ Page (via idaconcpts.com): properly set up social media profile is its further usage. Google+ page as an example by Izaak of electricdialogue.com

travel10. Top four must-visit attractions of Pakistan (via totaltravelinfo.com): those places are hard to pronounce, but exciting to visit. Details by Susan of zameen.com

sport11. A Great Olympian Let Down (over at brutusreport.blogspot.com): thoughts and predictions for the upcoming Olympic Games by Siri of exodus.co.uk

health12. Tips For Staying Fit This Winter (over at detoxcleansing.org): the winter is still outside (in many countries) so these tips by Nicole Rodgers of fourhourworkweek.com could be useful if you want to meet a healthy spring.

food13. Wine and Holiday Meals (via in-our-kitchen.com): holidays come and go, and come again. Warren Howe of vintagecellars.com knows how to combine holiday meals with a good taste of wine.

technology14. The Social Side of SEO (via webologist.co.uk): on social media marketing and why it is important for your customers by siliconbeachtraining.co.uk

health15. Understanding Nutrition to Help You Lose Weight (over at bumstumsandthighs.com): Nathan Joynt of gaiamtv.com knows that loosing weight could be very complicated, and you should know a lot about your nutrition process to make it easier for you to shed extra pounds.

technology16. Get your Website and Pages Indexed Quickly – 4 Easy Tips (over at link-assistant.com): the sooner you get indexed the sooner you achieve your goals. Do it in 4 steps with Suzanne Edwards of cashforgoldusa.com

technology17. 10 Awesome Airplay Games for the Apple iOS (via gnarld.com): pictures, description, and useful links from Annie Wallace of mobilephonefinder.com.au

travel18. London Strikes Back: A Small Taste of Culture in the Capital (via tastekulcha.com): sometimes we know more about the capital than about the whole country. Is London the case? Samet Bilir of azframes.com

lifestyle19. Record Setting 2011 Black Friday (over at ismagazine.com): each year Black Friday sets a new world record. What was it for 2011? Details by Janeth Cutestory of findphonenumbers.co.uk

business20. Skills You Should Have to Become a Good Web Designer (over at lakeshorebranding.com): guest post by our member wblteam of mdesignmedia.com on one of the most demanded and highly paid professions in the world.

technology21. Search Engine Optimization and Cowboys (via stateofseo.com): the first guest post of our new member Ryan Satterfield of planetzuda.com

technology22. Digg’ing Into XKCD Effect (via seopositions.net): to find out what it is read more here by Jeet of getlinkspro.com

technology23. Christmas Loans: Buy Now, Pay Later (over at topfinanceblog.com): yes, it was a Christmas time and loans time… John Hughes of independentfinancialadvisor.co.uk shows how they can come together.

technology24. Social Media and the Decline of Authority (over at nowsell.com): the author of this article who writes for findermind.com believes that the power comes from communication. Well, at least I know for sure that good communications skills can really solve so many problems.

technology25. 5 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Online Niche (via codedairy.com) by Ben Anderson of inetzeal.com for those who has not decided yet.

technology26. How Seniors Use Social Media (via webmasterview.com): Internet has no boarders and doesn’t care about age of its users anymore. Sandra Harris of houstonseniorhome.com is not surprised about that at all.

technology27. Download Top 6 Social Networking Apps for iPhone (via seodesk.org): a great selection of apps by workinghostgatorcoupons.com specialist.

technology28. Save Money When Quilting (over at hobbiesonabudget.com): some really useful tips from Jesse needle work specialist who also writes for realassetmgt.com

technology29. Want To Promote Your Blog For Free? We Are Not Joking! (over at howitoo.com): people who work at getlinkspro.com like Jeet know for sure that it’s not a joke!

pet30. A Glance at the Dachshund Breed (over at atozdogbreed.com): we have Pets category now in the Gallery for such articles like this by alltypesofdogs.org

sport31. 5 Weird Discontinued Olympic Sports (via fryingpansports.com): several funny moments from the history of the Olympic Games by Robert Jones of find-me-a-gift.co.uk

technology32. Apple Is Going To Sell A Smaller I Pad In 2012 (via ismagazine.com) who knows if this is really going to happen but you can always get a coupon for it from Kevin Pritchard of clickdiscounts.co.uk

sport33. Three Cheap, Fun Ways to Increase Your Hitting Ability (via baseballsquare.com): don’t worry, it’s for baseball players only, listed by Tim of cabledeals.org, a short tutorial video included as well.

lifestyle34. Top 5 Interactive T-Shirts (over at techiewww.com): cool ideas for entertaining present by Quirky Jessi of quirkycookery.com

business35. Using a Second Language to Get Ahead While Freelancing (via OpportunitiesPlanet.com): being bilingual or multilingual is always great to expose more opportunities worldwide. Adria Saracino of pimsleurapproach.com argues that it can even give you a chance to earn double money!

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by OakleyOriginals

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