Join MyBlogGuest Twitter chat!Starting My Blog Guest, I never meant it to grow big. It was just a tiny hobby I had while earning money providing services.

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It was free, and I had no idea how to monetize it.

While it was growing bigger, I had to cover some development costs, but the main idea behind it was always the same: We were giving away as much as we could… for free.

So what can you do for free inside MyBlogGuest.

Discussion Boards

We have made our best to best organize the discussion board to give our users the freedom to exchange guest articles while staying within the rules. The two forums you need to check there are:

  • Looking for guests
  • Looking for blogs

Depending on your aims, feel free to get active on either or both.

Here’s the video one member created for us reviewing the forums:

Don’t forget to check our FAQ and forum related questions there.

There are lots of great offers there. All you need is:

  • Subscribe to your favorite categories to target your email subscriptions better;
  • Come by regularly to apply to those you like most.

Internal Messaging System

Guest blogging is hard to organize. People get active, then suddenly go MIA: you need to wait, follow up and then maybe even look for other options a lot. Therefore we integrated a smart “follow-up” reminder in MyBlogGuest.

Whenever you PM anyone, simply set it up to remind you to follow up. *It will only remind you if you don’t hear back until then* (so no extra clutter).

Free Follow up reminder

This little trick is now organizing our whole content and moderating teams: we never forget to follow up on anything!

The power is in those tiny things.

Guest Blogging WordPress Plugin

Guest blogging is designed to make your life easier. This Guest Blogging WordPress plugin will turn your blogging into a breeze. Use it daily, or when you are on vacation or business trip (with no time or desire to blog). Use it as often as you can. It’s your little free blogging helper.

Select guest posts, preview them, make offers and then publish – all inside your blog dashboard.

The plugin is in its alpha release and we are currently fixing incompatibility bugs. Usability bugs and feature addons will be introduced later but we already have some glamorous plugin reviews!

Free Social Media Promotion + Viral Content Buzz

We have always wanted to help our publishers and guest authors get more traffic and shares. We have always been doing it for years and have now launched a free separate project to help you: Viral Content Buzz

Share other people’s stuff and get your own content shared: as simple as that. We apply high-quality approach here as well: only high-quality guest articles can be promoted here:

Guest Blogging eBook

I can’t say I update it monthly. But our official guest blogging eBook is more than enough to dig deep into the topic. It has beginners’ steps, case studies, tips, etc.

Guest Blogging eBook

It’s also tablet-friendly. If you download and open it in a tablet, make a screencast and get a warm “Thank you” from me and a link from our blog :)


Next week will be out PUSH Thursday promoting our best guest articles! Join in same time next week!

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Ann Smarty

Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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