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There’s no other tool as effective for content marketing than our two sister platforms ViralContentBuzz and MyBlogGuest. I am telling as the one who is using them on a daily basis!

So for our quarterly contest we decided to combine the two and let you see that for yourself!

The grand prize is $3000

You can win it all if you effectively combine the two platforms. But there will be no losers though! Imagine the huge opportunity here: You are publishing free content and getting social media shares and traffic to it! Time well spent!

Here the details:

End date: March, 1


  1. Guest post placed through our plugin with most points* => $2000 (if the author and the publisher choose to collaborate on this (which will obviously make you closer to the prize), we will split the prize between the them based on the effort of each one)
  2. Most shared project at ViralContentBuzz (it can be MBG guest post or just any project) => $1000

You can win BOTH and go home with the $3000 prize!!!


  • Editors choice (we’ll evaluate the use if the images, number of interactions/social media shares, comments, etc) = 20 credits
  • Download + rate + review our WordPress plugin (we don’t require 5-star ratings as that would be against our ethics) = 10 credits (20 credits if both the author and the publisher do this)
  • Join + rate + review our Udemy course = 10 credits (20 credits if both the author and the publisher do this)
  • Write a blog post reviewing MyBlogGuest (pick any of your favorite features. Here is a collection of media to help you) = 20 credits for each published review
  • Write a blog post reviewing ViralContentBuzz.com (feel free to use our banners) = 20 credits for each published review
  • Make a screencast of any of your favorite MyBlogGuest features (upload it to your Youtube channel or send it to us and we’ll upload to our channel) = 20 credits for each original screencast
  • Make a screencast of how you are using ViralContentBuzz (upload it to your Youtube channel or send it to us and we’ll upload to our channel) = 20 credits for each original screencast
  • Participate in weekly #myblogguest Twitter chat = 5 credits for each Twitter chat you take part in


  • All blog posts that qualify need to be placed through our plugin
  • For points to be included in the contest, please submit all you do using this thread (better if that’s a summary of everything, so that we are sure not to miss anything. HINT: You can actually edit your thread post to include your future activities as you are going forward instead of posting a new post)
  • You need a PayPal address to which you can actually receive funds

I am sure we’ll have some good quality time together! Good luck!

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

10 Responses to “The Grand Content Marketing Contest: #MyBlogGuest + #VCBuzz ($3000 prize!)”

  1. Jonathan

    Sounds like a really cool and fun contest!

    It would be really nice to have some sort of a leaderboard to know how we are doing though. Just a thought.

    • Ann Smarty

      Jonathan, all the activities will be trackable through the public forum thread…. but going too transparent is a bit too risky (we don’t want our participants to go too crazy!). We still want to maintain a friendly atmosphere here even though members are competing with each other!

      • Jonathan

        I understand. You do have a point there.

        I did want to get one thing clear though. The “credits” that you get for doing other stuff such as writing a review of your site etc. Is that added to the points you get for posting guest posts thru the plugin?

        Also if I make a screencast how would I send it to you so that you can post it on your YouTube channel?



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