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First, a huge announcement: Our partner site @ViralContentBuz is running a cool contest: Win $1000 by adding your highest quality article and generating shares to it.

This spring we started a major quality update that included:

  • Fighting with lower quality and over-SEOed content and clarifying our linking rules
  • Letting the community filter out lower quality blogs by anonymous rating process
  • Giving more exposure to high-quality content through Elite gallery (and new Elite plan which we are giving away for free to higher-quality authors who care about improving their guest posts)
  • And finally “Articles Requests” feature which we are going to talk about this and next week…

Today we are talking about the feature for publishers, i.e. blog owners who are looking for the free high-quality content.

First, please take two minutes to view the video:

Video: Free Blog Content: My Blog Guest Article Requests

Post your guest post request, list your guidelines,review and approve guest post ideas and LEAVE THE REST FOR US. We’ll get all the guest articles that will be sent to you and PROOFREAD them to make sure they adhere to your requirements. You will only get an article when it’s PERFECT!

Let’s take a look at how the feature works for blog owners now.

Articles Requests section aims at solving the biggest problem of guest blogging: Too many guest bloggers nowadays don’t care to read your guidelines. As a result, you get flooded with low quality submissions and at some point your just give up…

MyBlogGuest Articles Requests feature solves this problem by moderating all articles that get sent your way and only passing articles through if they comply with your requirements.

Here are just a few steps away from accessing this feature (hire up now that it’s free!)

  • Join
  • Add and verify your blog
  • Add your article request to “Articles Requests” section (Make sure to provide good detailed guidelines)
  • Wait for guest post ideas to start coming and approve them if they sound interesting
  • Wait for the author to write and for the editor to review your guest article and publish it on your site when it’s ready.
  • Feel free to add that article to for more benefits and traffic.

{Note: Articles Requests is in the beta-testing mode, so we are currently in the process of filling in the database of the requests before promoting it to guest authors.}

Here’s a huge visual and interactive guide that will hopefully make the feature more fun for you.

Here’s a static version:

Articles Requests

Next week we’ll clarify and start promoting this feature to authors: Stay tuned!

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Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

6 Responses to “Introducing: #MyBlogGuest Articles Requests for Publishers (Blog Owners)”

  1. Jeff

    I am not thrilled with the requirements to have PRO membership in order to use this feature. As a blog owner (as opposed to SEO company or blog network), I don’t have reasons to pay $50 per month to issue these requests. This supposed to be free feature for blog owners. I can easily request authors to write articles on any topic using blog link-up. I still like MBG but getting less and less quality articles there…


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