????? DSC_6649In July we actively worked on features for authors. If you want to know more check out July PUSH Thursday summary, and look through our older posts.

For guest posts roundups we always try to choose best articles published via the forum. To get listed in it (meaning get more social help!) make sure your post(s) really stand out of the crowd!

Here are just a few of them.

technology1. How to Choose the Right Top-Level Domain for Your Business (via weblogbetter.com): You know as people say: As you name the boat, so it will float. With these tips by Karsten Aichholz of domainraccoon.com your business site will always be floating successfully.

food2. Grilled Fish With Tamarind And Coconut Sauce (via dailywaffle.co.uk): Aaahh! That looks absolutely delicious! Phil Turner of befoodle.com is savvy!

green3. 4 Eco-friendly Car Shows Around The World (over at greenerideal.com): As an eco geek I’ve always been up to a hybrid car. Thanks to Annie Wallace from cheaphotels.org I know now where to look for those.

business4. How to Work Your Firmโ€™s Structure (via tips4business.org): The first and most essential component of any initiative is its structure, especially when it concerns a business start-up. Manuela Theissen of essaywriter.co.uk knows more.

family5. Tips and Secrets to Planning Your Own Wedding (over at eventchecklist.net): By following these simple tips by Samantha Hunt from internetcorkboard.com you may turn your wedding to the one you were dreaming about, but with less efforts.

travel6. Ultimate Guide to Backpacking Around Asia (via traveltipsandhacks.com): I would say – just in time! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks to Siobhan Smith of overdueadventure.wordpress.com I’m forewarned and forearmed now.

food7. Cooking Courses (over at in-our-kitchen.com): Learning is far not always boring, especially when it concerns learning how to cook. Emily Collins redletterdays.co.uk offers a bunch of the most interesting cooking courses for you to choose.

technology8. Turn your iPhone into a Burglar Alarm with Latest Home Security Systems (via obasimvilla.com): I wonder what iPhones still cannot do ๐Ÿ™‚ Waiting for Jason Phillips from gagesecurity.co.uk to tell us more on this.

entertainment9. The Geekiest, and Coolest, Conventions in United States (via javamazon.com): After reading this article I realized two things: once again – that I’m a geek, and – being a geek is cool ๐Ÿ™‚ Great selection by Nichole Miles of nichemagazine.org!

entertainment10. How To Take Dangerous Photos Of Transgendered People (via dangerouslee.biz): really dangerus but still very decent photos and tips by Fran Ralston the editor at cupidslibrary.com

technology11. How to Know when your Mobile Phone is being Tracked (via blog.pre-pay-as-you-go.co.uk): It’s not a spy movie unfortunately, this might really happen to you. So, Natalia David of mobistealth.com wants you to be ahead of the game.

car12. Common DIY Car Maintenance (over at gadgets-n-autos.com): For some people maintaining their cars by themselves is a kind of hobby. Erin Tran of aamcocolorado.com proves that it really may be fun an easy.

technology13. Facebook By Numbers (over at dofollownet.com): Are you on FB? Have you ever wondered what’s behind the curtain?

technology14. 6 Easy To Use Blogging Tools For Beginners (via hirebloggers.com): I wish I came across this article a year ago. The list of really most useful tools by Darryl E. Wilfong ericwelke.com is a great deal for starters.

technology15. 5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Fan Page Work (over at sexysocialmedia.com): Tasty pic together with tasty info from Adam Groff of reputation.com to make your fan page a real fun.

health16. Health Benefits Of Pollen (over at weightlossherbs.org): Adding my 5 cents to the facts provided by Shannon Kaiser of harmonydentalbeaverton.com – pollen is not just good for health but it’s really very tasty. So many benefits just in one small speck of dust.

family17. The Top 10 Most Romantic Places To Propose (via pleasurehertonight.com): 10 out of 10! She will definitely say ‘Yes!’ Meredith Watts knows what she’s speaking about ๐Ÿ˜‰

technology18. The Top Ten Mistakes Webmasters Make (over at fulltraffic.net): That is true that experience comes with time and we learn from mistakes. But not necessary from our own ones. Theresa Happe of buydomains.com will help you avoid them.

technology19. How to Make Your Infographic Go Viral (via infographicsarchive.com): Just couldn’t miss this awesome article about my beloved infographs together with MBG mentioning! Enjoy great tips by Annie Wallace of hirebloggers.com.

food20. 5 Healthy Party Food Recipes Your Kids Will Love (over at blogbydonna.com): Yes, it’s possible. No, it won’t take much time, efforts and persuading. And sure all kids and parents will enjoy, – assures us Elise Leveque of perfectpartyuk.com.

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