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family1. The Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding Your Baby (via wornbabyshoes.com): As a rational person I always like to look at a situation from both ways and weigh all the pluses and minuses. That’s exactly what Danielle Carter of easynappies.co.uk did in this article. Easy reading!

business2. Personal Development: 5 Effective Ways to Deal With Work Stress (via womaninleadership.com): I wish I would knew a person who never faced it at work. In case you are the lucky one, you can live without these tips by Melissa Page of wordbaristas.com.

health3. Major Tips On Achieving The Objective Of Healthy And Slim Body (via howtoburnfat-fast.blogspot.com): 6 great tips you might have known but never followed ALL of them (as me myself for example πŸ˜‰ ) brought to you by ultralifeshop.co.uk. Try them and see the change!

business4. Why Videos Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Campaign (via 113tidbits.com): Noone said it would be easy, but it really worth doing! Kelli Cooper from dvdcopycat.com proves in her article why videos are so essential and why you shouldn’t miss them while planning your new marketing campaign.

family5. 7 Interesting Facts About Father’s Day (via inmotionflowers.co.za): I’m deeply passionate about infographics, so just couldn’t pass by this one. Did you congratulate your fathers, guys?

business6. Business Consulting as a Model for Event Planning Success (via eventchecklist.net): As a person who’s been in event business I totally and completely agree with the guys from nakedbusinessconsulting.com.au that it’s a challenge. So if you want your event to run smoothly, you’d better trust its planning to professionals.

technology7. 5 Steps That Guarantee A Longer Battery Life For Your Smartphone (via blog.pre-pay-as-you-go.co.uk): I wish I would talk and text less so that the battery level wouldn’t drop to zero πŸ˜€ Anyway, these simple tips by Zack Skye of electropages.com will make your smartphone a ‘survivor’.

home8. 5 Ways To Enhance Your Yard This Summer (via totallyhomeimprovement.com): Tony Pirelli from homedepot.com will guide you to the garden of your dream, so that you could enjoy outdoors with your friends and family.

travel9. Which of the Museum Options in Melaka, Malaysia are Worth a Look? (via traveltipsandhacks.com): Planning a trip to Malaysia? Don’t miss the places mentioned by Milda Ratkelyte of asiarooms.com and your journey will be unforgettable!

green10. 10 Ways to Make Your Home a Greener Place (over at greenerideal.com): Keen of green way of living? – Start with your home then! Matthew Wood of ultraleds.co.uk will help.

family11. Post-Divorce Dating for Men (over at lovacle.com): It’s not that easy as it may seem. Don’t think that I’m scaring you, no way, but dating before marriage and dating after divorce are far different things. Adam from dateacademy.co.uk knows more.

food12. Wine Choices to Go with Your Next Pizza Event (via in-our-kitchen.com): The guys from lafavoritadelivered.com broke my stereotypes concerning beer or Cola as the drinks to accompany pizza. Will try red one next time.

food13. Brining – The Secret To Juicy And Flavor Packed Chicken (over at thechefscookbook.com): Tasty roundup today we have! πŸ™‚ While just looking at the pics in this article by Phil Turner of befoodle.com my mouth starts watering.

health14. Which Aromatherapy Scents Provide The Best Benefits? (via remedytip.com): I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that besides some good smell scents also have some other benefits and can even cure. Jason Buckenheim of vapeworld.com shares his knowledge with you: which one and when will suit you best.

food15. 3 Ways To Texturize A Cake Surface (over at followmefoodies.com): This time not just tasty, but also creative and beautiful. Thanks to Theresa Happe of cake-decorating-corner.com your cake will become a work of art.

business16. Big Data – and Business (via thesuccess4life.com/big-data-business): We live in the information century and surrounded by various data. Are we dependant? James Duval from hardware.com stated his opinion concerning role of big data in business.

business17. Can Small Hosting Companies Compete With Global Brands? (via blog.softwaremedia.com): Small things may also throw big shadows. Robert of desk.com claims that you shouldn’t underestimate small companies and explains why.

technology18. How to Get Out of Creative Blocks (via mywritingblog.com): One of our users has lately addressed our community with the question if anyone faced blogging burnout and possible ways of its overcoming. I believe he could find some inspiration in these tips by Michelle Fach from manifestconnection.com.

health19. Ways Vaping is Better than Smoking Cigarettes (via apparentlifestyle.com): I should admit I had no idea what vaping was before I read this article by Jason Buckenheim of vapeworld.com. Actually I’m against smoking in general, but for those who can’t get rid of that harmful habit, vaping could become a kind of salvation.

business20. Five Must Have Business Utilities In 2013 (over at noobpreneur.com): Simple and useful list by Matthew Boley from sugarcrm.com.

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