wgbizLast week I was the last guest at #wgbiz Twitter chat (The chat has been discontinued but the hashtag has not!). Web.com also published my interview shortly after, so you may want to check it out!

Here’s a quick recap of what I was talking about at the Twitter chat:

Before we get started, would you briefly explain what guest blogging is to our newbies, Ann?

Guest blogging is the process in which an author provides a free article for the blogger to publish it on his/her blog under the author’s name.

The process is very well visualized through this infographic (It only misses the smiles on faces lol)

To put more generic, it’s the most social of content marketing: Expanding your reach and connections through great content

What would you say is the top benefit of guest blogging?

Connections… I’ve said this before: The growing list of connections is your best result with #guestblogging

I have a good case study on how solid connections keep paying off if you do this right:

Basically, you can put everything else on auto-pilot (links, traffic, etc) if you are well connected and influential…

What are some of the more popular myths about guest blogging?

It’s only good for links. I’ve been trying to bust the myth for ages. Here are more myths in my old article at @smexaminer

Those other myths include (1) GB is too time-consuming to be worth it & (2) GB is frowned upon by Google

What’s Google’s attitude towards guest blogging then

Same as #myblogguest: It’s no good if you are just doing it for links

Google frowns upon MASS guest blogging when quantity of links is your priority

If guest blogging doesn’t drive huge traffic or links, how does it provide SEO or other benefits?

SEO has gone far from “measurable” metrics like traffic and links… You should be in the web social and knowledge graph to rank well

Guest blogging is perfect for that: It connects to you micro-celebities in your niche…

What are the ingredients for a top-notch guest post?

A *good* guest post is: It should be well-written, reflect the writer’s personality, has images and links (like any blog post)

A *perfect* guest post is the one YOU (the author) enjoy reading and find useful

My own rule of thumb: If I don’t find the guest post *perfect*, I’d rather use it on my own site *unless it CAN be improved

What did you rely on to get you through the hard moments, when you were building your biz dream?

I am happy to have awesome support from my husband… I have a stubborn desire to NEVER stop (which comes very naturally, I never force it). So my recipe to going through hard time: Keep working, I’d say 🙂

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