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1. Roadside Blood Alcohol Testing By EMTs: Slam Dunk Or Fatally Flawed? (over at lawfuel.com): Holiday season is just around the corner, so Kimberly Diego of diegocriminaldefense.com begs you to be on the safe side and drive carefully.

2. Kitchens & Colour & The Art Of Having Both (via memetics.com): Planning some renovation? Be sure not to miss this great article by Molly Hilton of renaissancepainters.ca and you may turn your kitchen to a real masterpiece.

3. Infographics And Visual Marketing Events To Visit In 2014 (via infographicsarchive.com): Annie Wallace knows the matter inside out and chose the best ones for you. I won’t be surprised if you meet her at one of these events next year.

4. Why Instagram Adverts Arenโ€™t Necessarily A Bad Thing (over at dailydealmedia.com): Yes, I know what all avid instagrammers would think after reading just the headline “No way!” ๐Ÿ™‚ But Dane Cobain of fstthegroup.com claims that things are not as embarrassing as they might seem from the first sight.

5. How Safe Is Your Future From Computer Attack? (over at malwarelist.net): Never say never. Perhaps one day this info brought to you by Ivana Zube of bloggless.com might be of great help to you.

6. Do You Have An IT Policy? If Not, You Could Be In Danger (via josic.com): But if you follow these simple tips by Kirill Bensonoff of computersupport.com you have nothing to worry about.

7. How Language Learning Can Improve Your Career (over at incomenotebook.com): How many languages you know, so many times you are a person. Agree? Gabriele Monti from thelanguageclass.co.uk knows even more and ready to show you some other advantages which may benefit your career.

8. iPhone Apps Can Help Create the Perfect Itinerary (via readyforadventures.com): No matter if you’ve already been to Vegas or just heading to there for the first time, be sure to upload some of these advised by Michelle of teksocial.com and you’ll easily find you way and have a great time there!

9. 7 Popular Assistant Robots In The History Of Television (over at gadgets-n-autos.com): I wish Michael Judge of vmedia.ca would also include Wall-E in his awesome list ๐Ÿ™‚

10. Music, Nature, Wild Rebellion โ€“ Whatโ€™s Not To Love? (via zwdia.biz): Provocative title, isn’t it? Carrie Thompson from phoenixlockmaster.com knows much more how these things are connected. Perhaps you have visited some other events not in the list and would like to share your impressions in the comments.

11. Application Security and Reliable Uptime: A Recipe for Success (via bloggless.com): A real recipe – short, smart, effective with just four ingredients – provided specially for you by WizeHive. Intrigued? Check it up!

12. Are You Worried About Losing Your Reward Points When You Get A New Credit Card? (via freedomfromdebt.eu): Mark Turner from breakawayloyalty.com will warn you about all the slippery moments and explain how you may avoid them.

13. How The Hummingbird Sings โ€“ Online Reputation Management (over at cyber-key.com): Nolan Kido of argonmarketing.com summarized some essential points, best practices and things to avoid, which will be helpful when creating a successful ORM strategy for your company.

14. The Ultimate Guide To Buying Gifts For Your Man (via acreativexpression.com): Yes, we all really get stumped and sometimes even not a little when trying to figure out what to give as a present to you, guys ๐Ÿ™‚ But thanks to Debra Wright of funkear.com.au and her suggestions life is getting much easier right now.

15. Titanic Belfast Museum-history Recreated (via unique-world.info): The disaster of Titanic became one of the greatest tragedies in the history of mankind. Now in Belfast the ship became really unsinkable. Atiq-Ur-Rehman of just4canvas.co.uk knows more.

16. 6 Different Ways To Incorporate Opt-In Boxes Into Your Website Design (over at jeffshjarback.com): Simple ways with great screenshots from Michael Todd of pentechconsulting.com – now you have what to choose from.

17. Damaging Words (via sexysocialmedia.com): Words may hurt more than actions, but in this infographic you will find some ways which can be helpful in preventing this kind of threat.

18. Scams: What To Watch Out For While Working From Home (over at viralmom.com): Forewarned is forearmed, – I guess that was the main point of Mary Ames from econsumerservices.com. Weigh all pros and contras and be sure to think it out before accepting an offer.

19. Everyday Ways To Train Your Brain (via manifestconnection.com): Chris Mayhew of nowgocreate.co.uk claims that to be pretty simple and provides just a few most efficient ones.

20. The Best Tools for Social Media Managers & SEOs (over at techriver.org): Great guide by Rob Lons of statusengage.com will help you in choosing what tools to use, why you to use them and how they can be combined for your ultimate benefit.

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