This month we invented two more categories into the Articles Gallery.

But the most important thing we can be proud of is that we officially announced the launch of our Russian version of MyBlogGuest –

Our team feels really excited about it. Of course there is a lot of work to do as the project is new, and it requires much attention from our side – like a little baby.

But I hope that very soon there will be a Russian variant of a monthly guest posts roundup as well. For now another English one (sorry for being late bit – the reason is mentioned above).

technology1. What are Those Double Underlined Links? Infolinks? (over at article by Ben Anderson of Couldn’t stop myself from mentioning this post as I guess it’s really important for our members to read it in order to be aware of Infolinks on sites where they are going to publish their posts.

technology2. Social Media: What You Could Learn from Domino’s Pizza (over at a sample project by an SEO company of – now we refer this type of articles to SEO&Social Media category.

health3. How to Get Rid of Freckles on Face (on the first guest post for our member karencashley by – hope it was just the first from those many coming soon.

technology4. The 4 Biggest Mistakes of Forex Traders (on Ethan Steadman of knows that Forex trading is a serious thing as you have to deal with money so should be aware of some common mistakes to avoid them.

food5. Gourmet Food Gifts (over at Jessica of gives us a couple of ideas for tasty presents that could be rather handy due to the season.

technology6. 3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses (over at Damian Davila talks about such benefits of cloud computing as greater computing strength, smaller IT costs, and flexibility. More details inside.

family7. Brand New Strollers for 2012 (on new models, exciting fresh colors and luxury enhancements by Amy Tanathorn of – that could be interesting as baby season is never ending!

technology8. Productivity Tips: How to Get More Work Done on your Computer in Less Time (on some simple things we never think about or just forget could be really useful for a better time management. Bird and Co Creative author of knows that for sure.

technology9. Is HTML5 Preferable to Native Apps? (over at this is one of the first guest posts by Silicon Beach Training of – not bad for a start guys. Good luck!

technology10. 3 Photo Editing Apps For iPhone (over at what you can do with your iPhone camera shots, funny images added by an author of

family11. Love: Do You Believe In the Soul Mate? (on Sandra of Do you?

business12. Business Holiday Card Etiquette (on holiday season is coming, and it could be beneficial for your business as well – ideas by Monique Trulson of

technology13. Simple Ways To Save Money In A Tough Economy (over at I can hardly think of a person who wouldn’t be interested in it – guest post be Thomas of

family14. Puppy Chewing Everything? – What Every Owner Needs To Know (over at things you should know before making a final decision to buy a dog by Robert West of

technology15. Missing An Important Conference? With Twitter You Can See It All For Free (on a great advice from Jessy Troy to get a feeling you were really there!

technology16. 10 Twitter Apps for Bloggers and Internet Marketers (on one more proof that any Internet activity could be strongly supported by social media – more by Karen Schweitzer of

health17. Top 4 Ways To Stay Healthy Naturally During Pregnancy(over at important things to know for future moms by Matt of – take care of your own health and the health of your baby!

technology18. Hanging Baskets (over at beautiful ideas to make your home and garden bloom by Stephanie Kalina-Metzger of

entertainment19. Nitro Gas vs. Electric RC Helicopters (over at all toys are made by adults; Philip Luther of knows much more about it.

lifestyle20. 3 Ways to Halt the Hoarding Habit (on if there are no more free space in your apartment then Kimberly Willis of got some useful advice for you.

health21. Vitamin C in Building Muscle (on I’ve never thought of it but Chris Brown of has some experience in this sphere.

technology22. Top 10 Paid Business Applications for the iMac (over at will be definitely interesting for iManiacs like Ben Anderson of

business23. What Does It Cost to Start a Cleaning Business? (on no numbers but good points by Rotovac of

family24. Struggling To Be A Stay At Home Mom (on just a reminder by Rebecca of that there are many moms among our guest writers.

technology25. The Most Useful WordPress Tutorials for Building Your Own Blog (over at blogging tips for our blogging community by Timothy Cochand of

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