Join MyBlogGuest Twitter chat!So here we go! We have announced and held our very first Twitter chat this week! It was a fun experiment and we all enjoyed it! The next Twitter chat will be next week on Thursday March, 22 11 EST (follow #myblogguest hashtag if you have trouble converting time like myself :))

And next week we’ll discuss all the ways to build traffic with guest blogging!

Here are the topics we touched upon (we’ll make sure to discuss them more indepth in the upcoming weeks):

Update! Here’s our detailed summary storified by our sweet moderator!

Creating Guest Blogging Pitch:

  • Always personalize properly and never sound like spam;
  • Include a couple of links to your previously published guest articles (within the same niche);
  • Use Rapportive to personalize;
  • Consider using Buzzstream to organize your contacts;
  • Avoid attaching the guest post right away because (1) this may send your first email to spam and (2) this may result in duplicate content (if the blogger keeps long to reply and then publishes it in the end);
  • Use Google Alerts (to track when your post goes live) + Google’s “exact match” search to see if it’s live yet (if you think of pitching it to someone else). Copyscape is another good option here.

Following Up:

  • Use Twitter to follow up (allow at least 2-3 days after the first email);
  • Avoid following up more than once;
  • Use MyBlogGuest “Remind” me feature built-in in the INBOX section:

If you get rejected, get smarter and better!

Attracting Guest Authors:

  • Join MyBlogGuest and use the Articles Gallery (the easiest way but not the only one!)
  • Create “Write for us” page, promote it, list your guidelines there and *stick* to them (never sacrifice on quality);
  • To encourage recurring guest post submissions: Feature greatest authors in a sidebar, credit them in tweets + thank them in the comments;
  • Blog owner’s tools: Copyscape + Google’s Reverse image search (or Tineye) to track down the image sources
  • Always reply (even if you want to reject + add constructive criticism to let the author improve!)

Twitter tool we used and liked: Tweet Chat

A few of the sweet participants:

I hope you have enjoyed the party! We’ll be back next Thursday!

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Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

7 Responses to “Our First Twitter Chat Summary #myblogguest!”

  1. Benin

    Hi Ann, thank you so much! Was juggling two handles at the time. Mine and the RockBottomTees one so there was so much I wanted to say but didnt get the chance to b/c of multitasking.

    But I thoroughly enjoyed it! Can’t say enough good things about what u do on the regular Ann, through MBG and just in general. Ur good ppl…Seriously!

    So yesterday was the perfect opportunity to try and express that. Take care and we’ll be in touch!

  2. Koby

    Yeah, lots more work needed. πŸ™‚ Just trying to get more active in the online marketing community.


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