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At #MyBlogGuest we have always been trying to be more than just a guest post placement platform. We have always wanted you to build your community with us as well as get trained.

With our multiple training efforts we pride ourselves to be one of the most effective content marketing tool:

  1. We educate our members of best practices and new trends in content marketing via these Twitter chats, in our Google Plus community and at our guest blogging Google Plus hangouts
  2. We actually show guest blogging in action by sharing our users’ case studies and examples of best guest posts to learn from
  3. We actually connect you to bloggers and authors both within our free forum and using PRO tools

With our platform you can get both educated, trained and connected…

This makes MyBlogGuest a perfect guest blogging platform for newbies

MyBlogGuest has been a starting point for many guest blogging case studies including Buffer’s founder Leo Widrich @LeoWid – simply because we allow you to *get* the process, all the various tactics and things you can expect. It’s much easier to start and then improve your independent outreach (which we highly encourage!) after a few months of being our member.

Here are the necessary steps you should take at #myblogguest before you can consider yourself a guest blogging PRO:

  • Join (it’s free and we’ll never ask you to pay for anything you won’t need. In fact, we are very open with stating that the paid features are only useful if you are a guest author on a more professional level)
  • Complete your MyBlogGuest account: You’ll see a checklist immediately after joining to the left. Most of these steps are required for your getting more familiar with the platform.

myblogguest checklist

These steps can be taken concurrently:

  • Go through our guest blogging visual guide: That’s the minimum information compiled from our past chats in a well-organized format. Click and read. This will take an hour or so!

  • Take MyBlogGuest Udemy course: It will take a week or so if you spend 30 minutes a day. It has a lot of videos, so you won’t be bored and it has lost of info.

  • Download our free guest blogging eBook: It’s a very good way to get a well-organized grasp of what guest blogging is and what to expect.

  • While reading the guides, spend some times simply browsing the forums and reading. It always helps in getting a better feel of the community!
  • Mark this day in your calendar: Each Thursday 11 am EDT (3 pm GMT) we get together at #MyBlogGuest Twitter chat to answer your questions and update you on our features, web marketing & blogging trends, etc.
  • Test our features: Offer your blog for some of the articles, infographics or eBooks. If your blog is on WordPress, install our guest blogging plugin!

Try our training program

This is more useful for guest authors: If you need more guidelines, more attention and more promotion, try our Elite membership:

  • It opens up all our PRO features for you
  • It lets you get a better feel of editorial requirements (As all your articles will be pre-moderated by our @Don_Sturgill)


After taking that program, you can proudly consider yourself a guest blogging PRO!

For new bloggers, check out this article on how we educate and help you grow!

Let us know how you started guest blogging and what/who helped you succeed!

Also do let us know how we can improve our FAQ section to help the new users!

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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