This has been a great autumn which is about to end in a couple of days.

We launched our new WP plugin and had an exciting contest!

Hundreds of guest articles found their homes via MyBlogGuest in October, below are just some of them. Enjoy!

technology1. Will Google+ Beat Out other Social Media Sites? (over a : this battle will never end, another one by Lamie of

business2. Do you already have a plan for your Internet business? (over at Do you know what USP is? Vishal Shah of knows. Read more inside.

business3. Make English Work for You (over at it’s a great and simple idea to earn while travelling in non-English speaking countries by It’s easier than you think!

home4. Top Five Interior Design Mistakes (via who doesn’t love designer mistakes? These ones are provided with great images by Kate Lee of

technology5. What Virtual Conferences Can Do for You (via practical, convenient, and even fun advantages of video calls by Ross Newcombe of

home6. 10 Ways to Make Your House a Smart Home (over at HVAC, lighting, motion detectors, and more by Rick Delgado of

family7. When Your Mother-in-Law Doesn’t Like Your Dog (via family and pet-friendly advice from Susan Wright of

technology8. The Second Generation 300C Is Quite an Encore from Chrysler (via if you love luxury cars you will enjoy reading this post by Antony Jackson of

family9. Activities to Spark Your Child’s Creativity (via try out one of these activities listed by to make your kid happier and develop his/her creative skills and talents.

travel10. Explore Europe on a Unique Family Adventure Holiday (over at family travel can be fun, just plan it in advance with Idania Silvia of

technology11. Six Essential Accessories to Consider for Your Tablet Device (over at great list by Matthew Wood of

family12. Should You Hire a Nanny If You Work from Home? (over at some rules and tips to consider before and if you do this by John Wisenheimer of

finance13. How I’m Going To Break Into Your House (via this criminal article was brought to readers by Sam Wright of I truly hope as a joke.

technology14. Top 5 Reasons Why Your Typography Is Turning Away Visitors and What Fonts To Stay Away From (via I can’t argue with that, because it’s been long noticed that they type of font has a great influence on how you percept what you read; mot from Thomas of

technology15. How Malware is Spread [infographic] (over at great infographic from our gallery created and described by

green16. Top 5 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint (over at it’s easier than we may think it is – it even won’t interrupt your everyday life; tips from

creativity17. What Can You Read Into the Colour of Someone’s Bedroom walls? (via that is fun, but might be true; Matthew Wood of knows for sure.

technology18. Great Ways to Capitalize on Pinterest to Drive More Visitors to Your Blog (via if you still underestimate Pinterest than you should better change your policy, more details on why by

technology19. NASA Earth Now iPhone App (over at like we already know there’s an app for everything – you just have to find it. This app was found and described by Lance Goodman of

technology20. How to organically grow your Twitter following (via Matt of on what all Twitter user have to know.

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