myblogguest-teamMyBlogGuest hung out on Friday, November 29th, for our November hangout.

The following questions were answered and discussed.

  1. What are we thankful for this year? (00:01)
  2. Ann, What can you tell us about MBG contests? (00:50)
  3. What’s going on in Phil’s world? (02:35)
  4. Can you tell us some more about article offers and rejections? (03:46)
  5. How do I find out if I have outstanding articles? (07:25)
  6. Can there be too many links? Not enough? (07:48)
  7. What can I get for my kids? (09:53)

We created a takeaways version of the hangout in this short video:

You may also view the November 2013 MyBlogGuest Hangout Full Video.

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