We are back sharing traffic generation tips at #myblogguest. This is our 6th chat in the series.

The first five were: DON’T depend on Google, the truth about web traffic, traffic tool – Viral Content Buzz, getting traffic with screenshots! and generating traffic with digital books.

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Today we’ll talk about the basic laws of traffic generation with social media!

For many years doing community building and social interactions for myself, clients, projects and ninjas, there are a few things I keep seeing again and again: From network to network for years…

Now, I am not that old (well, at least I don’t feel as such) but I managed to see a couple of social media sites come and go: There were Myspace, Digg, Mixx to come and go; Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to come… Actually, when you come to think of that…, we see web giants to go forgotten; we, the webMASTERS, stay adapting our strategy to what’s coming…

Anyways, I am too philosophical today, let’s get back to the topic.

And the topic of today’s novel is the social media traffic and the whole purpose of the introduction was to convince you that we know what we are talking about here 🙂

So to the the tips…

predict social media success1. You can’t predict social media success…

Well… to some extent of course. More often than not, you can be almost certain when something is NOT going to go hot.

It’s tougher with what you think is likely TO go hot.

Sometimes you work hard, you seem to have a great timely topic, you did your best with sounding sarcastic / funny enough, etc, etc… In all honesty, reading your piece, you think it’s totally outstanding!

Yet, the story won’t pick up…

No matter how much you try, you will NOT be able to make all your blog posts go hot. It may vary, but probably only 2 of every ten will do particularly well; the rate will be lower once you start feeling burnt out.

THIS: “Burning out” is the part to remember here. Don’t expect all your articles to be a hit. This is NOT something to feel desperate about. The sooner you realize this, the longer you’ll keep trying (and the more successful you’ll end up being with your online efforts)

prove2. Some topics never fail to work

Ok, now forget what I just said about being unable to predict the social media success. 🙂

When executed properly, some topics never fail to work: Twitter will always love articles about Twitter, Facebook will always love articles about Facebook, Pinterest will always love articles about Pinterest (…ok, you’ve got the idea)

The point of this law is that in any social media network, there will always be absolutely fanatic insiders: Most powerful users who live and breathe that particular social media network.

Blogging about their favorite social media network (and doing that properly) is a good way to have those power users talk about you…

books3. People don’t like reading

Face it: Most of us scan… Internet has made it even worse – we would never be able to *read* everything we come across online. We can only afford to scan.

So optimizing your piece for scanning is the best way to make it spread.

Let’s re-cap what we covered previously about scanning:


Please share your tips if you have any!


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