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We cannot stress this enough: You are only encouraged to publish free articles if you LOVE them. And the good news is that you can always be sure you’ll love the article while still considering if you need to make an offer…

Making an offer responsibly…

When you are previewing an article in the Articles Gallery, here’s the exhaustive info you can see at a glance:



  • Basics: Title of the article, category, tags, short description.
  • Additionally: You can see number of words and if the has media content which always adds to the quality of content! **Mind that you can even preview image files at the bottom of the preview.


  • Another set of eyes: If it has been reviewed by moderator (which must mean it meets our quality guidelines) or even pinned by the team as an exceptionally good article.


  • You can see the first couple of sentences (I wish we could show more but articles previews get stolen sometimes). Please do read to get the idea of the style.
  • You can see the author’s full byline/bio at the bottom of the article. I always make sure the byline sounds professional, non-promotional and authentic.


  • You can see all the links that are used in the article (Note: We don’t count social links as author’s links as they are natural and give background information about the author). ***You are encouraged to actually open and review all links to make sure you love them.


There’s no way it’s not enough for a well-educated offer! 🙂


*** You can also see if the author is Google-verified

*** If you don’t like what you see in the preview, feel free to post a friendly private note to the article “Hey! I’d love to use it but could you…”

You can do the same when making an offer and / or instead of declining an approved article.

You’ll be amazed at how many writers are actually willing to improve their articles when they are offered a good feedback. That’s the beginning of the promising relationship (If the writer is responsive, it’s a good sign that he/she is taking you and the opportunity seriously)!

If you see something completely unfix-able and low-quality, do report that to us.

We need your help at making the gallery better! And we need authors to hear publishers feedback too so that they didn’t think our editing team is the only who is interested in quality.

We allow only *free* guest articles for a good reason: We want the article quality to speak for itself!

Now, what does it mean – to publish a free article

Treat your multi-author blog as a magazine where everyone has a voice, yet there’s a well-recognized style.


The worst thing anyone can do is to treat this as a simply free content. Here are the tips:

Guest blogging is a great way to promote your blog via building the team of talented contributors. There are no shortcuts though!

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