Successful Guest Blogging – Getting the Etiquette

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This is a guest post by Warner Carter who wrote a book Guest Blogging for

Profits that advocates our “quality” approach to guest blogging.

People are the way they are and in society sometimes certain conventions are agreed upon by the participants. So it is in our world, the so called blogesphere, regarding Guest Blogging.

Feel free to rebel, experiment, and try new things but if nobody wants your posts, after reading this, it won’t be because you were ignorant about what is expected for your behavior and manors. Just that you choose to ignore them, and, for whatever reason, that is a choice you are free to make.

You’ll probably win the lottery before you ever see me in a suit, but if some situation really made it important, like I would get something I wanted, I do have one and probably can find it.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to have fun, get noticed, bring traffic, and build some dang nice links. I am pretty sure this blog here gets more traffic than mine and there is one good reason to guest post. Read more »

The Bad @ss SEO Guest Posting Contest! Join Now!

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We have had some time to take some rest from our contests to be back with the hottest one! Gerald Weber, the social media guru and one of my best friends, hosts this month’s guest blogging contest supported by MyBlogGuest:

The Bad Ass Guest Blogging Contest

Why give it a try?

I won’t tell you about close to $2K cash prizes (like I said multiple times, the prize is not the only reason to participate) or about how strong the host site is – I’ll tell you to participate to master social media!

Gerald is an awesome enthusiast, he will share your post throughout his social media channels and bring you LOTS of exposure. So wait no more: sit down and brainstorm an AWESOME post idea – let’s have the party started! Read more »

What is Guest Posting – an Infographic

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While the practice of guest posting is getting more and more popular, many people still wonder how it is different from just plain blogging.

This post represents a guest infographic which clearly outlines the difference.

It is also a funny one.

Plus, don’t miss our detailed post on the difference between blogging for yourself and guest blogging.

While we do not mean to say you should stop blogging and start to only guest posting (the two should definitely co-exist), this infographic will outlay the hugest benefits of the latter): Read more »

The Killer Guest Posting Opportunity You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

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At MyBlogGuest I am always looking for various partnerships and creative ways to cooperate with bloggers and businesses. This keeps me inspired and the service varied and more fun.

The most recent deal I managed to get was one with Splashpress Media – and that was a great success!

From now on MyBlogGuest members have an exclusive opportunity to guest post at one of the three most powerful high-traffic and high-authority blogs weekly: Read more »

Video Overview of MyBlogGuest

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*MyBlog Guest has been re-designed since this video was made. Here’s a new video review of MyBlogGuest featuring the updated look!*

I haven’t done a video overview of our community as I’ve been long waiting for the redesign, however it makes me happy if someone does that for me.

New Biz Blogger Michele Welch did a great video guide throughout MyBlogGuest and I am sharing it here:

  • If you haven’t joined yet, get a sneak-peek of th features;
  • If you are a member, why not create your own video guide showing your take?

Thank you, Michele!

#BeMyGuest Monday over at MyBlogGuest

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Update: This initiative is being suspended. If you would like to take it over and manage it, please contact me.

I am happy to share that we have partnered with #BeMyGuest initiative to have even more fun with guest blogging!

To celebrate this partnership, we invite everyone to take part in our Monday’s event.

From now on each Monday is #BeMyGuest Monday!

How to participate and have fun? It’s really simple:

  • Write at least one post for someone else’s blog
  • Feature at least one guest post on their own blog
  • Use #BeMyGuest hashtag to let the world know you are in! Read more »

Guest Blogging Spam – Please Don’t!

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Ok, so this is happening now. I’ve shared my concerns about guest blogging going mainstream and thus becoming synonymous to “link building” (which in itself may sound absolutely normal but this aspect should not become the main purpose of guest blogging).

Here’s the first sign of that happening: guest posting email spam (ala link exchange spam). Here’s what arrived at my inbox just a few hours ago:

[all the names and details are deleted because these are private no matter how I treat the message] Read more »

WAH Humor Guest Posting Contest – Now Live!

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We love guest posting contests here at MyBlogGuest. They give exposure to both the host and the contestants. And they are fun!

While all our previous contests were blogging-related, this one is a bit more specific. It is all about humor – which makes it even a more enjoyable experience.

The contest is hosted at WAHumor and has only one requirement: share a funny work-at-home story!

The criteria for choosing the winner are: tweets, comments and points of humor 🙂 Read more »

2 (Alternative) Ways to Share Your Guest Posts on Your Own Blog

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It is quite obvious that you may want to make the most of your guest post and share it with your blog readers.

But what’s the best way to do that?

The most frequently used method is to just drop a short notice at your blog linking back to your guest post inviting your readers to comment. But is there actually a better way?

Let me share the two tactics I use to announce my guest posts at my own blog: Read more »