MyBlogGuest Testimonials – Sending Love from Our Users

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I am both passionate and excited at running such a great community as MyBlogGuest. And the main reason for that is the opportunity to network with so many great people we have there.

Yes, our members are awesome and they are eager to express their love to MyBlogGuest. I decided to start collecting the testimonials here to integrate them to our home page later on.


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Guest Blogging Versus Blogging for Yourself

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I hear this question weekly: what’s better – to publish your best content on your own blog or use it to guest post?

My obvious reply is “Do both” 🙂

In reality, there are too many “It depends” to answer this question. It depends on how large your blog is; it depends on what your objectives are; it depends on your content; it depends on how well networked you are; etc.

Of course, you should have your own blog (which is your landing page and your personal loyal community home) an of course, to expand your reach, you should start guest blogging. There’s really nothing to compare… Read more »

Personal Finance Guest Blogging Contest – Supported by MyBlogGuest

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We love guest blogging contests at MyBlogGuest because they allow us to get even more exposure, have fun and even earn money. Therefore we eagerly support so many guest posting contests around the Web.

But this one is different – because it has a well-cut focus: personal finance. Check out the details here:

>>> “The CCC PF Guest Blogging Extravaganza” – the first ever Personal Finance Guest Blogging Contest <<<

Besides the obvious benefits (cash prizes and links), join the contest to enjoy:

(!) The thrill of being part of an exciting event.
(!) The exceptional publicity that will come with such a widely promoted event.
(!) The chance to share your knowledge or your opinions. Read more »

Google, Guest Blogging and SEO

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There has been some discussion as to whether Google likes guest posting. Although some guest posters deny it, and guest posting can be done to leverage traffic and promote brand as well as for SEO, there’s little doubt that for some people at least the goal is to manipulate search engine rankings.

And that, in theory at least, is a definite no no for Google.

When manipulation can help.

Of course, as one of my favourite SEOs, Ross Hudgeons, has pointed out, manipulation is only a bad thing when it disrupts the user experience.

And I’d argue that guest posting does the opposite of that.

If Google has done its work right in the first place, the blogs and websites whose links count will be quality blogs and websites, and therefore only accept quality guest posts. Read more »

25 Awesome Guest Posts Published Due to MyBlogGuest

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Wow! We haven’t had our guest post round-ups for ages and I figured we should have one before the New Year, so I spent almost one whole day putting it together.

Check what others have written, tweet and share those pieces you really liked and get inspired. Enjoy!

Honorable mentions: MyBlogGuest Review: A Place for Guest Bloggers to Call Home (thanks for the great review!) and 5 Reasons To Love (a very sweet post sharing why you love our community so much!).

So want to see what really gets arranged and published through our community: read further.

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Dealing with ‘Online-Multiple Personality Disorder’

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Transitioning into a career as a copywriter for a leading-edge SEO firm in 2008, with virtually no knowledge of Internet marketing besides the sponsored ads that come up on Google’s search results page, my digital ‘workspace’ soon became as messy as the admittedly untidy lawyer’s office I had recently vacated.  My shiny new Apple desktop was very quickly as cluttered with the articles and blog entries I had written, the links, news stories and websites I needed for future research, and a bunch of programs I had little or no understanding of, as my old veneered desktop had been.

Worse yet, I had very limited time using an Apple platform. . . . Still worse, the more I wrote and published on the web, the more mixed-up I became with the name and byline I was writing under. I was suffering from an ‘online multiple-personalities disorder.’ Read more »

Yet Another Great Guest Posting – Now at Scope for Money

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When I was starting My Blog Guest, I promised to myself and to the community that I was going to make my best to help everyone I can. I am not sure if I have proved the expectations (it’s obviously better seen from outside) but I am still doing all I could.

Guest blogging contests are no exception – I would help anyone who approaches me with the genuine aim to give people exposure by participating in his / her guest posting contest.

Therefore we have quite a few contests running at MyBlogGuest right now!

But that’s not the reason to miss any that seems worth an effort to you. So check out this one!

>>>The new guest blogging contest we support runs at Scope for Money – an active guest blogging community.<<<

Good luck!

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Disabled Shop Blogging Contest (and Paid Blogger Position Opportunity)!

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And yet another fun contest supported by our community!

Fancy the chance to become a professional blogger, being paid to write about disability products?

The Disabled Shop, one of the UK’s longest established and best known online disability shops, is now looking for a professional blogger.

To find the blogger they are holding a contest.

Write about disability/disability products and you could win £250 in cash and the chance to become a paid blogger. Read more »

More Awesome Guest Posting Opportunities from Splashpress Media!

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I have already shared three four great guest posting opportunities we have been provided with due to our partnership with Splashpress Media, one of the largest blogging networks in the world.

Today I am happy to announce that three more high-quality sites have entered the deal:

(*) Filmsy (PR4): Movie reviews and news.

(*) Celebrific (PR5): All about famous people (and reality stars!)

(*) DailyBits (PR4):  Daily dose of Internet and technology news.

The three blogs will definitely add to the variety and quality of guest blogging blogosphere inside MyBlogGuest.

*To be eligible to apply to any of these offers, you will need to join My Blog Guest first*

Good luck!

Here’s a Secret Ingredient for Getting Your Guest Posts Published on Top Blogs

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As an SEO specialist and affiliate marketer, guest posting is a part of my marketing strategy. In the last couple of months, I’ve been fortunate enough to have several guest posts published on top blogs with many subscribers.

I was curious to see if there was a pattern behind my success so I looked back at the posts and tried to find similarities between them. I think its a good idea to learn from your successes. By examining the bright spots, you can discover effective principles and strategies.

When I looked at my posts, I found that most of them were based on my own personal experiences. They were based on things that had happened in my life. I came to the conclusion that my experiences added a lot of value and helped me get published. Read more »