September Guest Posting Round-up!

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August was quick and fantastic with many of us getting some rest and going on vacation. It is hard to believe there’s one whole year of work ahead!

Now, no matter how many of us managed to have a rest, our guest blogging process never stopped. So here are a few guest articles that our most talented members managed to write and publish this past month.

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@The_Gman, Our Very Own Moderator, Is Interviewed on MyBlogGuest

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Gerald Weber, one of my oldest friends and a power Twitter user, has been helping me build our guest blogging platform for ages. He was our moderator from the very start and has always been very helpful no matter how busy he was.

Don’t miss his interview for JobMob where he talks about guest blogging in general and MyBlogGuest in particular. Listen to the interview to find out how MyBlogGuest helps build high-quality connections with niche bloggers.

To listen to the podcast, press the Play button here or else right-click the Download link and choose “Save as…” or “Save link as…”.

Gerald is president of Search Engine Marketing Group, active Twitter user (@the_gman) and a knowledgeable link building and SEO expert.

Our August Guest Posting Round-up!

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We continue sharing guest posts which were arranged through our guest blogging platform and shared with our members. We believe that makes us more open and you can easily imagine what’s going on there, behind the login.

Now, get inspired: all the posts featured below vary in topics, voices and focus. We weren’t picking the most interesting or the most powerful ones. The main criteria should be variety!

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Free Guest Blogging eBook!

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I have been (guest) blogging on guest blogging (I do know it sounds funny) quite a lot, so I decided to compile the most useful advice I have ever given into an eBook.

It’s the first draft – I plan to update it regularly with more useful tips and resources, so please subscribe to this blog (or to comments to this post), to keep track of new versions going live.

It was initially planned as a separate product but I never had time to develop it. However I will make sure to create updates and regular improvements.

The eBook is free and you do not need to register or subscribe to anything to get it. Just download it here and enjoy!

I am looking for your feedback as I’d really to turn this ebook into something truly useful. I also hope to foster our *high-quality* approach to guest blogging with it, so help me by spreading the word!

Thanks for checking it out!

*Download Your Free Copy of Guest Blogging eBook Here*


Being Gracious to Your Guest Authors – Things that You Should NOT Do When Accepting Guest Posts

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There are quite some instructions available for those who are looking to write a guest post, for example, the post must be unique, the content should be of good quality, the wannabe guest authors should get in touch with ideas, and get his/her outline approved before jotting down the article, the guest posts must have more than 500, 600 or even 700 words, and once the post gets published, the guest authors must follow up by responding to the comments, and so on.

Do I have an issue with any of these instructions? Not really.

Except for … so many guidelines for the guest authors, but what about the bloggers who get to publish these articles on their blogs? There must be some decorum that they should follow; after all, they are getting some free and unique content for their blogs?

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MyBlogGuest User Reviews and Case Studies: Independent Views on My Blog Guest

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We love and encourage customer reviews: they allow us to learn what we are doing right and where we need to fix anything. Besides, the reviews make it easier for our new members to understand how our platform should be used properly.

I have shared MyBlogGuest video review previously. Besides, I’ve been collecting user testimonials here, I’ve been aggregating our Twitter testimonials and there’s a lot of feedback shared in our group (which you are welcome to join!).

And here’s the list of our user reviews containing both positive and negative personal experience! Let us become better! And spread the love :) Read more »

When it Comes to Guest Posting, Sometimes “Failure” Isn’t

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Rejection hurts. We all know the feeling. It’s especially painful when your overtures are not only rejected, but don’t even merit acknowledgement. Such is the painful reality of guest posting sometimes.

Recently though, the painful sting of rejection was turned to elation when the blogger who seemed to ignore the e-mail with my guest post ended up tweeting a link to the post after I put it up on my own blog.

In the end, this might be the best result. When I think about it, I got the SEO benefit of hosting the content on my blog, a social signal from a powerful Twitter account (which can help me rank in search) and I got the blogger in question to endorse my post and share it with his audience. Read more »

25 New Guest Posts BY and FOR MyBlogGuest Users

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guest postsNote from Ann:

Our guest blogging community is growing very fast, so does the family of our moderators and administrators.

Today’s round-up is from our newest admin: Sana Knightly. You are going to hear more and more from her soon.

Right now she is getting familiar with our platform and our members – so please welcome her aboard!

Now, get inspired by seeing what our members are doing! Read more »

Guest Blogging in a Difficult Niche – It’s all About The Angle!

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From an Internet marketing and SEO perspective, the concept of guest blogging truly is ideal for any small to medium size organization to succeed. It’s a common headache for many webmasters to achieve the same search engine rankings enjoyed by large, wealthy organizations whom are backed by media campaigns and other viral marketing strategies.

Search engine visibility strategies are evolving constantly. If you’re relying on organic search as your primary source of traffic, you’ll need to keep abreast of the Internet search technologies handed down by Google and Bing – for which you, me and everyone else simply must conform to.

The message of Google is not a new one and the recent panda update simply rams home the message for those who refused to listen. As of late, I have been receiving various spam emails containing numerous case studies from article spinning services and public blog syndicating networks claiming that their networks have not been affected by panda. Who are we to believe (or trust), the OFFICIAL word of Google or a bunch of case studies hashed together from slightly worried, low quality blog network owners? Read more »