Generate Traffic with Digital Books (Even Newbies Can Use) #myblogguest

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Here we go again with #myblogguest series “Stop whining and get real traffic!”. This is our fifth Twitter chat in the series.

The first four were: DON’T depend on Google (we love Google traffic but we don’t focus on it; that’s what Google wants!), the truth about web traffic and traffic tool – Viral Content Buzz and getting traffic with screenshots!

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Today we’ll talk about eBooks or digital books and how to use them to build your content marketing empire and generate traffic! Read more »

How to Use Screenshots to Generate Traffic #myblogguest

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We continue our traffic generation series at #MyBlogGuest. We already talked about NOT depending on Google, the truth about web traffic and reviewed the most effective traffic tool under the sun – Viral Content Buzz

Today we’ll talk about screenshots!

Back in December we talked about how awesome screenshots are and why they must be in any (guest) blog post mentioning tools, websites or apps.

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Ways to generate traffic from using screenshots: Read more »

8 Reasons Why Every Guest Post Should Have Supporting Links #myblogguest

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links-relationships There certainly is enough controversy regarding how many links (if any) should be in a guest post. It seems many bloggers still hold the antiquated opinion that too many external links will bleed precious β€œlink juice” away from your own link. More on that below.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why adding out-body links to your articles is a good thing and why you really should do it. Read more »

February 2014 PUSH Thursday #MyBlogGuest

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The winter is almost over, so is our #MyBlogGuest + #VCBuzz contest! We’d like to thank all who actively participated in it, and spread a lot of great words πŸ™‚

Don’t miss our February Google Plus Hangout – it’s this Saturday (or Caturday as cat lovers would say), March 1!


As usually we picked 10 guest posts published this month, which we hope you will like.

  • 4 DIY Pet Help Websites And Communities – No you know there is a reason we mentioned Caturday above. No matter what pets mean a lot in our lives. Do you have a pet? Do you find this post useful?


February 2014 #MyBlogGuest Google Hangout: This SATURDAY (March 1) 11am EST

Category #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat Posted by teamAre you ready for our February 2014 MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout On Air? It is coming up, SATURDAY, March 1, 2014.

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ViralContentBuzz for Generating Traffic #MyBlogGuest

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Reminder: If you are participating in our grand marketing contest, don’t forget to report your activity in the official thread inside the forums by March 1. Otherwise, your points won’t be counted!

We continue our series of Twitter chats discussing how we should stop depending on tactics and start building strategy. Last time we talked about web traffic, what to expect and how to make it work.

This week we are discussing one tool that can become a valuable part of your strategy: Viral Content Buzz

(VCB is perfect both as a separate working tactic to generate traffic and awareness but also for analyzing and tweaking your strategy towards what works best for your content)

Free content marketing eBookJoin it to get the free copy of our content marketing eBook (we have collected the most actionable tips there: No fluff, just real stuff that works :))

Also download your copy of the “perfect guest post” cheatsheet to keep it handy as the guidelines of what works both on MyBlogGuest and ViralContentBuzz

The process that we are building inside ViralContentBuzz can help you on many levels that I tried to illustrate using this graph:

Content Marketing Cycle with Viral Content Buzz Read more »

The Truth about Web Traffic #myblogguest

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Last week we started our new super popular Twitter chat series #stopwhining OR let’s call it “Stop complaining and let’s focus on building our digital business using a strategy versus short-term tactics”

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Let’s talk traffic today because it’s all we care about πŸ™‚

In fact, that’s all we care about while we probably shouldn’t, but later on this during this hour.

The Truth about Google Traffic

Let’s start with where we ended last week. Ok, so Google traffic is great… and yes it should be part of any digital strategy…

MyBlogGuest will forever continue to be in-line with Google best practices, we’ll even teach you to achieve more with Google (Google Authorship which we support and encourage is one such tactic)…

But let’s STOP thinking of Google as of the only way to survive online.


Google traffic is no longer reliable or easy and it continues to be unfair (favoring big brands and paying advertisers versus us who actually deserve it :))…


So let’s stop complaining on how unfair Google is and move on…

Sto whining Read more »

Building Online Presence without 100% Relying on Anything #myblogguest

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We are entering an exciting era in digital marketing: When marketers are grown-up enough to understand one truth: You CANNOT depend on only one tactic.


It’s weird that marketing misunderstanding even existed in the digital world: After all, aren’t we all aware of the old good saying “You don’t put all the eggs in one basket”?


Sadly, Google is to blame… And don’t get me wrong: I don’t think Google is (or was) evil. I am sure many of their motives were very good in nature. It’s the reason why it backfired. Digital marketing was so young when Google popped up. In fact, they were almost born at the same time. And by saying “Build links and we’ll send you traffic” Google killed marketing right away. They are still not sure what to do about that. Read more »

January 2014 Guest Posts Roundup

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jan_roundup_2014We are happy to keep this tradition live! The more great guest posts we see published via MyBlogGuest forum the more we believe we are doing the right thing!

We’d like to say thank you to all our authors and publishers, and share some of the recently published guest articles with you:

1. Framing the Florida Keys Sky: Installing Skylights (via Robert Landry from shows us a real dream house: watching the sunrise from your window, sleeping under the stars but in your bed… – isn’t it awesome?

2. How To Import The Best Products From China (over at Nowadays probably there’s not a thing that you can’t find in China. And if earlier the quality of their products considered to be not so high, today the tendency has drastically changed. So that to find what you want, you just need to know how to search. With the help of Keith Barrett from that will be pretty easy for you. Read more »