Twitter Ads on a Budget #myblogguest

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This week we continue our chat sub-series within the “Don’t depend on any one tactic” topic. Our sub-series is dedicated to social media advertising and the first two chats were about Facebook advertising and StumbleUpon ads. Note: We only talk about small (preferably tiny) budgets here.

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Today we are talking about Twitter ads, specifically Twitter “Promoted tweets” (the only Twitter ads section that makes sense for #contentmarketing) Read more »

The Small Guys’ Guide to Facebook Advertising #myblogguest

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We started in the era when exposure was free. Any Ukrainian gal like myself could rank in Google organic or get known on Facebook or Twitter by just being active and helpful.

In many areas (and for personal branding) it still remains true but we do see the trend and the difficulties we are facing:

  • Facebook page presence is moving to almost 100% ad-driven;
  • Twitter is so cluttered that it takes much more time to get noticed there,
  • StumbleUpon is still more of a lottery than an effort-play

All is quickly moving to an obvious future: Brand presence on social media should be re-enforced by paid ads. But what if you own a small business and can’t afford big budgets?

Well, as the one running a small personal business, I think I know some (not all) answers: To win the game with corporate budgets you need to get smarter, pickier and more targeted.

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#MyBlogGuest PUSH Thursday: Best Content Marketing Resources of April

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This is our last chat of April, so we’ll change a format a bit. We won’t have the usual PUSH Thursday where we would discuss some good examples of guest articles. We won’t put our members in the spotlight for the time being.

Instead, we’ll make it an educational edition where we will share very BEST content marketing tips of the month.

So let’s get started: Read more »

Content Re-Marketing with Kev Massey @kevmassey #MyBlogGuest

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We always remember how important content is! That’s why we couldn’t miss a chance to talk on content re-marketing with someone who knows for sure what it is.

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This week we have a guest in our chat room! Our guest is Kev Massey @kevmassey, Internet Marketing and SEO lover based in London.

Kev Massey is Internet Marketing Director at @sixtymarketing

Kev has been in the web design and internet marketing industry since 2002, so he has a lot to share 🙂 And today we’ll talk about content re-marketing Read more »

3 Traffic Generation Laws of Social Media #MyBlogGuest

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We are back sharing traffic generation tips at #myblogguest. This is our 6th chat in the series.

The first five were: DON’T depend on Google, the truth about web traffic, traffic tool – Viral Content Buzz, getting traffic with screenshots! and generating traffic with digital books.

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Today we’ll talk about the basic laws of traffic generation with social media!

For many years doing community building and social interactions for myself, clients, projects and ninjas, there are a few things I keep seeing again and again: From network to network for years…

Now, I am not that old (well, at least I don’t feel as such) but I managed to see a couple of social media sites come and go: There were Myspace, Digg, Mixx to come and go; Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to come… Actually, when you come to think of that…, we see web giants to go forgotten; we, the webMASTERS, stay adapting our strategy to what’s coming…

Anyways, I am too philosophical today, let’s get back to the topic.

And the topic of today’s novel is the social media traffic and the whole purpose of the introduction was to convince you that we know what we are talking about here 🙂

So to the the tips… Read more »

#MyBlogGuest Press and Recommended Tools

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This week we keep talking on how we are going to move on 🙂 We realize how important the situation is for our current members! And we appreciate those who keep supporting us no matter what! Thank you all!

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First, let’s see how your profiles are now protected within #myblogguest

  • We have blocked Google from accessing our site through Robots.txt. Here’s a good discussion about that 🙂
  • We have hidden user sites listed on their profiles, so no human reviewer can access that data. Note: If anyone registers, they can still see your sites in the forum sigs or forum threads but that’s harder to scrape / collect

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#MyBlogGuest Official Updates and News

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isupportmyblogguestThis week we have an unusual chat. We just want to say a couple of words about our current situation, and how we see the future of MyBlogGuest!

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As you may know last week MyBlogGuest was hit by Google. Matt Cutts announced the hit the same second he was apparently pushing the button (I am sure he was enjoying himself :))

One of the most curious SEOs, who was kind enough to be tracking our rankings, broke it on Twitter almost the same time. At that time I was at #Pubcon listening to the keynote, so I definitely had my popularity moment last week 🙂

So far the actual reason of the “hit” is unclear. You can see the official reason in my update here. Despite claiming “Unnatural inbound links”, Google took action (umm *attacked*) our community members. That’s what I explain in my second update when it became obvious. Read more »

March 2014 #MyBlogGuest Google Hangout: This SATURDAY (March 29) 11am EDT

Category #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat Posted by teamAre you ready for our March 2014 MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout On Air? It is coming up, SATURDAY, March 29, 2014.

MBG Hangout: 11am EDT Google+ Event Page

Google helps us out by providing the time in our own time zone. If you click on the event, above, you will see what time it is in YOUR time zone, based on your Internet Service Provider.

You may also manually check your time zone here. Read more »