MyBlogGuest 20142013 year was an exciting and busy time for us at #myblogguest. We were trying to keep up with all the blogging and marketing changes and trends.

We were working on new features to give our members more content marketing opportunities and diversify free content we are offering to our publishers.

Let’s recall what has been done so far!

Major 2013 Updates at #MyBlogGuest

  • January 2013: MyBlogGuest Google Plus Community is officially introduced. Moderated by Don Sturgill, that’s the great place to network, educate yourself, ask for MBG support, etc. It has changed a lot since then with awesome initiatives like Mastermind guests, Friday-only promotions, etc.
  • March 2013: Blog ratings. As the preparation to introducing higher-quality standards, we gave our community power to rate blogs (sites with too many minus-ratings were being removed from the system). All ratings are moderated by mods to make sure there’s no form of abuse (personal revenge, etc). Each member can rate each blog once. Blog ratings are used to help with what can only be identified on manual review (dropped domains with high PR or, on the contrary, newer blog with already great community to back it up!)

  • April 2013: Spring cleaning: As the reaction to Google talking more about guest blogging and even editing their official TOS saying “mass guest posting [targeting to manipulate rankings]” is bad, we announced that MyBlogGuest can no longer be used to promote “exact-match” anchor text. We had always been against them and the fact that we actually could rely on referencing Google for that was even relieving. While being quite modest with your own links, we encourage users to link generously to trusted sources and great blogs.
    • Obviously, many of our users revolved and we tried to explain that they were fighting the wrong guys in the Open letter. Bottom line from that letter: We are actually not doing anything simply because we have no better use of our time / money. We have rules in place to let our community survive and flourish and thus to be able to provide better results to our members. That should be mutual.


  • June 2013: We introduce Elite gallery. This is another step in our fight for higher-quality content. Elite authors go through the special training that has proved to be helpful. It’s free to try!

Elite gallery

  • July 2013: We have improved our Direct Feature (the one that lets you send your guest articles directly to the connected blogs). The feature is now supported by our free WordPress plugin. Besides, publishers can now create checklist of requirements and every author will have to check each item before he/she is able to send the article.

Direct checklist

  • Authorship InfoJuly 2013: To continue encouraging higher-quality guest blogging, we introduced Google Authorship. The idea is, if you verify your authorship using Google Plus, you are now forced to be more careful with the content you are producing because you are basically digitally-signing it. It’s also a great way to find regular contributors for your blog.

MyBlogGuest eBooks

What do we plan for 2014

  • Moving to a new CMS and design: We’ll have to hold off with updates for some time before we are able to move to a newer content management system for updated look and functionality!

  • Viral Content Buzz: We have quietly introduced PRO accounts there for serial content marketers! In 2014 we’ll work on making this project flourish!

  • Smart Photo Stock: We are looking to go into stock photography for bloggers on a more professional and aggressive level. There will be PRO membership and WordPress plugin introduced for this site as well!

  • TwChat: We have almost perfected the look and functionality. In 2014 we’ll work more on marketing this project!
  • 5 year anniversary meetup: We’ll celebrate our 5th anniversary in November 2014. We’ll make sure to plan something special for that day!

We had a busy year and we’ll sure get even busier in 2014. Thanks for being with us through hard and exciting times!

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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