#MyBlogGuest Social Media Networks: Join to Build Your Community

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Reminder: Please participate in our pre-holiday contest! We have two entries already:

At MyBlogGuest we believe in connecting to each other; we are not exclusive and we enjoy interacting with our members outside of our platform. In fact, in an effort of keeping up with ever-changing social media world, we have probably overdone with our social media activities ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s try to put everything together and please, if you are there, connect to us! Read more »

The Engaging SEO – A Highly Personal View On SEO, Content And People

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from-myblogguest-userFrom Ann: Here’s a great and very personal story of one of our members Karl Hindle’s journey into the world of SEO and Internet marketing. This article is courtesy of MyBlogGuest Articles Gallery, the best source of free unique content for your blog โ€“ and thatโ€™s the great sample of what you can get using it!

In 2001 I sold a business I had spent 15 years putting together and building up. It was successful and employed over 20 people, however the time had come to move on, sell up and try something new. After the stress of negotiating and finalizing the sale, it came as a bright relief to have money in the bank and more importantly, my time to do as I pleased โ€“ I was specifically prohibited from working for 6 months, and life was good. Read more »

How to Track Your Guest Posts on Social Media for More Exposure #myblogguest

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The reason why we are guest blogging is because we seek to build the community (at the very least that’s why we *should* be guest blogging). One of the most efficient ways to build the community, traffic and leads through guest blogging is to follow up and interact with people who share your guest posts.

Here’s how you can be doing that! Read more »

Guest Blogging Contest: Share Your Visual Success Story with #MyBlogGuest

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Guest blogging contestHolidays are coming! Let’s celebrate Christmas together!

Have you seen any positive results with MyBlogGuest? Got some traffic? Got some shares? Built new connections? Got a great article placement?

Visualize and share your success with #MyBlogGuest!

  • Create a fun video, image, powerpoint presentation: You name it! It can be a fun screenshot, a mini infographic, a cool video mashup… (Please mind that fake screenshots will be disqualified…)
  • Include your MBG username as well as the username(s) of the person you had success with: Share as many details as you can (the associated MyBlogGuest user, guest post URL, anything else to make your story trustable!)
  • Publish your case study on your blog OR send it to me (via PM) and I’ll publish it on our blog with the link to your site.
  • Promote your visual case study on social media (we’ll help with each of them!)
  • On December 15, we’ll collect all the entries and let our community vote for their favorite one!

Video: Guest Blogging Success Stories Pre-Holiday Contest #MyBlogGuest

Win $1000 and many other prizes for sharing your visual (image or video) success story with MyBlogGuest!

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October 2013 Google Plus Hangout At MyBlogGuest: Takeaways!

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myblogguest-teamMyBlogGuest hung out on Friday, October 25th, for our October hangout.

The following questions were answered and discussed.

  1. What happened in Vegas, Deborah? (00:01)
  2. How do you reject an article in the MBG system? (00:26)
  3. How does MBG work? (01:13)
  4. What can we learn about making an offer at MBG? (01:50)
  5. What is the secret to success? (03:19)
  6. What are some challenges faced by publishers? (04:03)
  7. What about SEO? (05:44)
  8. Could you please give me some easy tips I can use today? (07:27)
  9. What about clients insisting on bad SEO practices (and shout out to David Faltz)? (09:26)

We created a takeaways version of the hangout in this short video:

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Beginner Bloggers: How #MyBlogGuest Helps New Bloggers

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The worst thing of today’s online marketers and website owners is that they seldom target long-term objectives, therefore “growing together” is a hard-to-understand concept for most of them!

They need traffic today, so all they are spending energy on is trying to reach out to influencers (as people who can give them exposure today) – instead of finding your *peers* (people who will build your future and become influencers *together* with you).

I am a huge believer in the “growing together” concept.

When I started ~6 years ago, first people who noticed my blog and started commented were not Rand Fishkin or Jim Boykin (sadly but obviously). They were new bloggers like me! We started helping each other by passing along cool opportunities, sharing each others’ content and commenting on each others’ blogs.

Now that 6 years passed, most of us have grown into established bloggers. Each of us has the name, reputation, voice and communities. We’ve become influencers.

We are not that close any more simply because we got too busy BUT we still know we will help each other no matter what. We’ve never met each other but I will always remember, that’s thanks to them that I achieved anything in my career. Read more »

October 2013 Guest Posts Roundup #MyBlogGuest

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Ann_and_Sana_at_pubconOctober was a bit different from the previous months. Though it was same busy or even busier than usually, it was a bit more exciting. We introduced our eBooks Gallery, shared tips for authors how to find blogs for their articles, we gathered an amazing collection of wisdoms from our mastermind discussions at Google Plus community.

And the first time MyBlogGuest was presented at pubcon in Las Vegas! It was a good experience for us. Let’s hope to get use of it in future!

We’d like to thank Deborah Anderson who was there at the pubcon exhibition hall explaining people what MBG is and how it works. We’d like also to thank our awesome moderators who covered our backs at that time: Olga Goldina, Don Sturgill, Shannon Hutcheson, Phil Turner, and Min Min.

And here we go: our monthly guest posts round up! Enjoy!

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October 2013 PUSH Thursday #MyBlogGuest

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Join our Twitter chat and ask questions =>MyBlogGuest Twitter chat

Guess what? It’s Halloween today. So, we wish a fun night to those who celebrate.

You will hardly be surprised if we start today’s PUSH with a post about Halloween costumes. So, trick or tweet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Halloween Costumes That Are Already In Your Closet – once again, for those who celebrate it really is a big deal to find an attractive meaningful costume for the party, especially if it’s a last minute preparation. Don’t get desperate – check out your closet!

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#MyBlogGuest Observed by Our Mods and Members

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This chat is different from the ones we used to have.

It was held and moderated by our very own moderator Don Sturgill, with the most active chat participants David B. Faltz and Alex H Yong, and newly joined activist Marissa.

That’s why we are so happy that MyBlogGuest is a community-driven platform!

So, this is how our mods and members see and use MyBlogGuest.

Let’s just start with a reminder:

My Blog Guest provides a safe and productive place for writers and publishers to meet and help one another out. It’s easy to register and start – just sign up (it’s free!).

We have three distinct groups of members: Writers, Publishers (website owners), and Both โ€ฆ Read more »

October #MyBlogGuest Google Hangout: this Friday (October 25) 1pm EDT

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MyBlogGuest.com teamAre you ready for our October 2013 MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout On Air? It is coming up, Friday, October 25, 2013.

MBG Hangout: 1pm EDT Google+ Event Page

Google helps us out by providing the time in our own time zone. If you click on the event, above, you will see what time it is in YOUR time zone, based on your Internet Service Provider.

You may also manually check your time zone here.

MyBlogGuest Focus on Process and New Feature

We will be talking about process, tools, MBG education, and our newest feature. ย You can get a preview of some of the topics, by reviewing the #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat summaries, here:

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