Top Ten Wisdoms from #MyBlogGuest Community Mastermind Guests

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myblogguest-300If you have not yet joined MyBlogGuest community on Google Plus, you are missing out. We have lots of quality discussions there (thanks to our awesome moderator Don Sturgill).

One of the weekly traditions, Community Mastermind, is awesome source of knowledge, connections and interactions. Ever week Don would invite one expert who answers questions from the community. What a great idea!

Here are some awesome quotes from our previous mastermind guests: Read more »

September 2013 Google Plus Hangout At MyBlogGuest: Takeaways!

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myblogguest-teamMyBlogGuest hung out on Friday, September 27th, for our September hangout.

The following questions were answered and discussed.

  1. So what is the big deal with this “mastermind” thing? (00:01)
  2. What do I ask the mastermind person? (00:244)
  3. How do I get chosen as a “mastermind?” (00:53)
  4. Why would I want to be in the “hot seat?” (01:22)
  5. Speaking of community, what is the secret to MBG’s G+ growth? (02:29)
  6. How do I get my guest post promoted on the MBG platform? (04:14)
  7. What other MBG forums are there? (04:52)
  8. What makes that one *paid* forum so special? (05:03)
  9. What are some advantages to participating in the monthly hangouts? (05:51)

We created a takeaways version of the hangout in this short video:

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How to: Promote Your eBooks at #MyBlogGuest Books Category

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eBooks, or digital books, are one of the most efficient content marketing and content re-packaging methods:

  • eBooks open your content for offline reading (with tablets and smartphones on the rise, that’s especially essential)
  • eBooks, thus, let your customers take your brand with them (on the plane or vacation). Your readers are more likely to remember and return to your site if they have your eBook on their digital shelf
  • eBook marketing is fun and easy: You have Amazon kindle, iBooks, etc to market your book on.
  • Free eBooks are a great link bait (who wouldn’t like a curated list of eBooks like this)
  • eBooks are shared eagerly (especially if you implement “Tweet to download” or a similar trick)

In other words, if you haven’t tried eBook marketing, you are missing out… Especially now that we are introducing a new fun feature for content marketers:

eBook Gallery

eBook gallery lets you bring your eBooks to publishers with the unique description of your own. It works much like the Inforgraphics gallery … only it’s for (e)Books:

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September 2013 Guest Posts Roundup

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We will never know for sure how many guest articles find their blog homes via My Blog Guest every month (we can only count those published via the Gallery). But it surely keeps growing, and makes our work worth doing it! Please give some social love to these post published back in September. Comments are also appreciated 😉

1. Blockbuster Movies Based On Thumb-Busting Games (via Have you played any? James Berry of chose the best ones for you!

2. How To Stay Healthy With A Small Kitchen (over at Thanks to Geoff Roy for sharing these great tips together with tasty images, which can easily make you go to your kitchen and get something tasty to eat :) Read more »

Help! I Cannot Find a Blog for My Guest Post: #Howto Get More Offers in #MyBlogGuest Gallery

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***First an announcement: If you want to become #MyBlogGuest expert and make the most of its features, please take the full free course over at @udemy

Today’s chat aims at addressing one popular misconception about MyBlogGuest: We are NOT a match-making service (yet, maybe); we are NOT automating anything and we are NOT designed for easy quick gains.

MyBlogGuest is the community that offers guest authors to reach out to bloggers (and vice versa). We develop tools to make your life easier and help you with our suggestions and guidelines. We have rules and quality requirements in place to make sure there’s a balance between the needs of guest authors and blog publishers. Read more »

September 2013 PUSH Thursday #MyBlogGuest

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The time flies so fast, and it’s again the last Thursday of the month! Which means that tomorrow is the last Friday, and we are having Google Hangout – please join us to ask your questions live!

This week we are pushing 10 guest posts published via MyBlogGuest during the last month. We’ll appreciate your tweets, shares, comments, and healthy criticism on these posts!

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September #MyBlogGuest Google Hangout: this Friday (September 27) 1pm EDT

Category #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat Posted by teamAre you ready for our September 2013 MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout On Air? It is coming up, Friday, September 27, 2013.

MBG Hangout: 1pm EDT Google+ Event Page

Google helps us out by providing the time in our own time zone. If you click on the event, above, you will see what time it is in YOUR time zone, based on your Internet Service Provider.

You may also manually check your time zone here.

MyBlogGuest Focus on Content Marketing

We will be talking about some of the same topics we have covered on past hangouts, but going more in-depth, with a focus on quality and how you can attain that with the tools available at MyBlogGuest.  You can get a preview, by reviewing some of the summaries, here:

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How to Share Your Guest Post on Google Plus #myblogguest

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There are two things you need to remember when sharing your guest post on Google Plus:

  • Google Plus updates do very well when it comes to personalized Google rankings (your connections see what you share when searching Google with a huge sacrifice on relevancy).
  • It’s a Google property and Google has internal nofollow attribute for a GOOD reason.

Let’s discuss both factors in some detail: Read more »

#Howto Smartly Re-package Your Guest Posts for More Exposure and Benefits #MyBlogGuest

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Re-packaging = turning your (text) content into different types of media or other formats of content. Re-packaging is one of the most effective content marketing tactics. It allows you to:

  • Create more content based on one research
  • Target more diverse social media and content marketing channels
  • Bring up your older content by keep referring to it from your re-packaged versions.

Here are a few tips on re-packaging your guest posts:

*Remember to always link from your repackaged content to the original guest post – that’s the most effective second-tier link building I’ve seen in my life! And your publisher will love you even more!*

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August 2013 Guest Posts Roundup

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enjoyAugust was an intense month – we shared a number of tips for publishers. Hope you enjoyed it!

All the basic points of our late summer chats are gathered here: 10 Best #myblogguest Tips for Content Publishers

Now please read and share these guest posts published in August via MyBlogGuest shortly described by our moderator Olga.

family1. Your Children Are Changing Every Day – Photos Capture The Moment! (via A friend of mine, a photographer, who gave birth for the first time a short time ago, seems to capture every move of her amazing baby. And you know, I can understand her – the time is floating very quickly, and all these pics will be real treasure very soon. Lucy Literna of knows how to capture such perfect memories.

business2. How To Write A Shirty E-Mail (over at Oh, I’m always stuck when I need to write one. Being a straight person it always creates a kind of a problem for me how to do that in a correct and polite way, as I really do care the person on the other side of the screen. Keith Terrell from knows the right way how to do that. Read more »